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Looking for PvP Guild [EU]

Sup, plan for this year is to focus on PvP but none of my friends or Guild mates play PvP making my time in the game quite boring so would love to find a Guild that is active in that area and just overall active!

Main: Necromancer (Reaper)
Rank: 21
Placement: Not done those matches yet
Time zone: UTC +1/CET

If you want to snatch me up or just got an empty slot that you could give me then hmu in the comments or in game: Saga.1294

Thanks!! :smiley:


  • Hi!

    I'm the PvP manager for my guild, Syndicate of the Exiles [SOTE]. We are a fairly young guild, but with a very diverse player base. Some of us have been on and off since the game released while others are new to the game. We are currently looking at expanding our PvP numbers to prepare for automated tournaments, Tournament of Legends, ROM's 2v2 tournament and scrims against other guilds.

    We will hopefully get a WvW team going as well. We do have weekly guild missions, fractal runs and so on. We are preparing for raids too if that is something that you'd like to do.

    I'll look you up in-game and have a chat.