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Why can't I remove my credit card info from your website?

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I am not talking about the in-game store, I am talking about not having the option to remove my credit card information from the website. How is it that such an crucial option is not there to be able to remove our credit card information? This is a security issue, firstly, because it saves our credit card information by default, secondly because it does not give us the option if we want to have our credit card information saved for further purchases, thirdly because there is no option anywhere to remove credit card information we have.
This is not in any way acceptable, as I do not feel secure about my credit card info being stored, without the ability for me to be able to remove that information; it is not acceptable that I have to write/make a ticket to your support so that I can have my credit card information removed....

Please, having to add two things on your payment page whether we would like to save our credit card info or not is not that hard to program when you already have an established API based on your in-game store, as well as have all our details for us to manage through our portal(read the account[dot]arena[dot]net) without having to rely on your support and having to write unnecessary tickets so that we can have our personal information modified or removed.



  • Here's a tip from our CS Team: Go into the in-game store and start the process of making a purchase. (Don't worry, you don't need to buy anything!) When you get to the payment screen, you'll see a link right on that page to remove billing data from our billing provider's system. (We don't retain it, but they do.)

    I hope that does exactly what you're hoping for. If you have other feedback, don't hesitate to share.

    Gaile Gray
    Communications Manager: ArenaNet
    Fansite & Guild Relations; In-Game Events; Community Showcase Live

  • I have tried that, however that does nothing for the buy[dot]guildwars2[dot]com where beside the first Payment Method Name that I have created when I bought PoF, there are 5 other entries each named PaymentOption<DateTime> where DateTime stands for I assume, the date and time of the purchase and each of those PaymentOption contains my card information except only for the CVV field which is empty, as stated for security reasons.

    Here's an image of what the Select Saved Payment Option look like:

  • Hello. I have the same problem and removing the billing information in the game is not working for me.

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