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Outpost: The Pact Encampment won't complete

GW Noob.6038GW Noob.6038 Member ✭✭✭
edited January 13, 2019 in Guild Wars 2 Discussion

I've done 2 full chains on this, plus all my other efforts over the past weeks...and this will not complete. I've gotten gold on every step. What's the problem with this achievement?

EDIT: Thanks, guy's. The bug lies with the 'Rescue the captive sylvari from vigilantes' part of the chain...I got gold on my previous two attempts, and on my third attempt the event never even spawned...it skipped over that event and went right into the 'Question sylvari refugees and determine where their loyalties lie' event, then on into the 'Destroy tendrils and their source' event. At any rate, I had to send a ticket in...hopefully they can get this cleared up soon.