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Issues Regarding Connection Issues

Recently, I have been encountering a lot of issues in regards to Guild Wars 2 and it's login server. It all started with a lag that did not allow me to attack, or use any of my skills, during which time I checked my ping and had found out that I had an average of 2000 ping. Of course at first I didn't take make notice of it, and took a break, when I came back the problem was still present and It has become so frustrating that the game is becoming nearly unplayable. After the lags, this message started to pop up and it reads : "The game client was unable to connect to the login server at this time", this message was appearing simultaneously with the frequent lag. I check in a few hours later and it's to the point where It would take really long to log in to my account on the client, and even when it successfully logs in, the map would take forever to load (average 10 minutes) and I could not even auto-attack let alone using skills in combat. This problem is making the game become downright unplayable and I honestly really need help.


  • nooble.8237nooble.8237 Member
    edited January 13, 2019

    I had already checked to make sure that it wasn't my computer or my connection as both of them does not seem to be experiencing any problems.

    UPDATE : I could not even teleport to other maps now, I would be stuck not being able to play then the game would boot me out with a message saying it had lost it's connection to the login server.

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