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My Rev doesn't say the correct words to Shiro's question, still? (Legend dialogue)

Honestly, this bug, if it is, seems so minuscule that it feels irrelevant in the grand scheme of things, but this incorrect dialogue has been here since, if I recall correctly, some weeks after the patch of August 8th, 2017. I'm not sure if it occurs only with my male Sylvari, or with other races as I only play and have one Rev. The conversation goes as such: Shiro: "What has become of the empire in my absence?" My Herald: "It most certainly has," while my Sylvari is supposed to say "They say Cantha expelled all nonhumans and closed its boarders long ago. After Orr rose, it was isolated further." This piece of dialogue meant to be coming from my own Sylvari is instead simply written out in the chat box. This bug occurs every time Shiro says the specific question, during any time, any place, nothing changes this incorrect dialogue to what it's meant to be. Is anyone else having this issue? Is it honestly just too much of a minute bug that nobody really cares? I don't know, I saw no other posts talking about this subject that I thought it'd be at least helpful to try and illuminate this issue to the Devs.

I recently saw that Anet changed how the dialogue was presented to us when in the speech boxes above the respective person's (or object) head. For example: "[Glint]: And then the dialogue". So I had a hope, that perhaps, since they looked at this, perhaps they fixed this bug? Since they also changed the presentation of the legend speech boxes as well, they perhaps looked at the conversations? Sadly, no, they did not. So here I am, writing this extensive post to try and bring light to this issue.


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