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The problem with Weaver and Dagger/Dagger

Hello Everyone, I have been playing elementalist since the release of the game and I still love it. I have been weaver for quite a long time now, I am mainly doing raids and open world, so this will be the perspective from a pve player.

After all the nerfs to weaver/elementalist generally, I feel like weaver is a little useless now. Sword dagger is ok in terms of dps but there are much better options as other classes can bring the same dps with CC and/or group buffs, so this makes weaver a bit useless and the last option to play unless you only enjoy it and dont care about team or numbers.
Personally I like that Anet changes the meta so that a class does not use the same weapon type for a long time, in this case it was staff and I was quite bored of it, so sword dagger meta actually made me quite happy. But still the performance is underwhelming. It started to feel "not rewarding" anymore.

Another thing I want to mention is Dagger/Dagger in weaver. Personally I think that the dual skills and core skills of dagger/dagger need a rework. I wonder where would you even use it, I used to play D/D in open world for a long time where there were no elite specs and it was really fun. But now its so dead that no one even realizes how bad D/D is. I think that Anet should buff/improve/rework only core skills/traits of elementalist so that 1 weapon does not massively overpower another, while reworking D/D so that it can be viable. "For example conjures can be made to have 2 charges, so that you do not have to run around and look for your lightning hammer and mistakenly take the warrior's banner OR wanting to resurrect and ally but picking a conjured weapon instead of it when you dont want to."

Please tell me what you think and what can ANet do about this.
Thank you for reading, have a nice day!


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    There's already posts on this subject and it's quite obvious that nobody is reading these posts, especially the main one which devs dedicated to the subject of improving ele.

    The less posts on this sub forum the more chance of them realizing how dead and/or irrelevant ele is among different game modes.

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  • Maybe everyone should make a post a day, and everyone thumbs up everyone else's posts. They must eventually get it.

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    May be post In the pvp section or other.
    Because here we opened decades of threads for years and the result they keep nerf staff, or random dmg buff for scepter and nothing for the specs and utility skills that are the real problem of the squishy/useless class business.