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  • HI guys, I only just re-joined the game after quite a few years out for life stuff.. you know , family , job, kids , etc. lol anyway I downloaded and bought the Heart of Thorns expansion, and will buy the Path of Fire expansion soon.. probably end of month. i'm 46 . let me know what server etc your on . btw in from Edinburgh Scotland UK :)

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    I will send out invites , in the main we are on the vabbi server , I think it only make a difference for WvW if your on an EU server

  • We have got a nice group going now but still looking for more to join

  • I'd love to join! 46 years old , live in US, would consider switching servers if needed.

  • Hi Wackadoo, you are most welcome and we do have some people from the states who play. We are just considering moving most of the players to a new EU server so we can all be on the same one for WVW so if you could hang on for a couple of days until we are on new one I will send you an invite then if ok ? I say this because the first move is free I believe and also if you want to play with people on EU you have to be on EU server .

  • Sounds good :)

  • Ok mate am on it we are running a poll at the moment to see what we are going to do. I have not forgotten you and if, when we are finished you are still interested you are in. Of course you are more than welcome to join now if WvW is never likely to be your thing as you can do everything with us just not WvW ..

    Your choice :)

  • Sign me up 👍

  • Invite sent, check your ingame email :)

  • Still looking for mature guildies :)

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    Hi fellas - 46 yo veteran (since betas) but due to family, work etc fairly casual these days. UK based (GH) been Guildless for a long time - my old Guild having moved on not long after launch. Your Guild sounds great and if you are still looking for members, I would like to be considered if possible? Just one thing, I have a side Guild which I am building up with my son, so would not be able to represent 100% of the time, but would be happy to be involved as much as possible. I'm mainly a PVE player but have been getting more and more into WVW lately. Cheers!

  • UK older dude here, looking for social, casual, PvE guild. Sign me up!

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    Hi Jonny yeah nw invite on the way

  • Angle.8763Angle.8763 Member ✭✭

    recruitment continues

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    if this isn't a 100% rep guild, can I please get an invite ? :) I will try to rep now and then. I help to manage another casual guild since gw1 :) but its quiet mostly.

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  • Angle.8763Angle.8763 Member ✭✭

    hi Talindra invite sent

  • Angle.8763Angle.8763 Member ✭✭

    looking for active mature members

  • After a bit of a hiatus we are back playing so if your interested in casual mature :-)

  • I’d be interested in joining. 33 female from the uk.. would like an invite 👍🏼

  • Hi there :) I am new to GW2 and looking for a guild to play together (and learn together maybe ;) )
    I am over 50 myself and would be interested to join :)