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Will Dragonhunter Longbow Ever Receive More For PvE?



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    1. As we can see from the last upteenth patches ... Guardian isn't really 'moving' around on the big changes; Anet has indicated many times that the position Guardian has is a good place

    I would love for a Dev to explain by what metrics the Guardian is in a good spot. When they say that are they talking within the class or compared to others? I don't mind the answer, but if Guardian has been in a good spot for so long why can't they get the other classes there? From my point of view Guardian is fun, but falling behind other classes. Longbow is just one of piece of evidence of this. Another being their trait lines. Just about every core or Specialization has received more love, for better or worse, then Guardian at this point.

    Probably PvE. While there are issues, power DH, condi FB and support FB are good.

    PvP on the other hand, guardian is one of the worst performing classes (excluding FB support). The low HP pool + outdated design + lack of mobility is not a formula for success.

    DH in particular has significant issues in PvP. At least core is more nimble.

    hah the irony in your post

    "PvP on the other hand, guardian is one of the worst performing classes (excluding FB support)."

    they are the worst in pvp, yet also the best?
    if any game, tournament or whatever serious match shows us..it's how vital fb (+ scourge duo) is

    I am not sure you understand what irony is. Having one over powered support build does not mean the class is performing well in PvP. Support does not work if there is no one to support (like random clueless players) and clearly there is no diversity.

    And this thread is about DH... so what does FB has to do with it?!

    you made the thread about guardian as can be seen in the quote, and i'll even repost it just for you:
    "PvP on the other hand, guardian is one of the worst performing classes (excluding FB support)."

    ^ no-where in that line does it mention dh, so i adress directly what you said.

    if you, as a fb-player find no one to support then that means 2 things

    • you are at the wrong place
    • you are in the wrong rank

    also not untill long you had core-guard which was overperforming (and iss till performing more then decent, only you can't have top crit rate with zero precision investment anymore..the horror)

    2/3 guardian specs in good papers, i'm pretty sure alot of the other classes would like to have those odds and "diversity" aswell

    The thread is about DH... did you read the title before you post in this thread?

    Again, no one is disputing FB support build effectiveness. But there is a serious issue if your only effective build in PvP is support.

    And no, core is no longer competitive. You can take it to P2, if you know what you are doing, and that is about it. Almost no guardian in the top 100 plays core anymore, cuz at that level it is not viable.

    not my first post in this thread, i'm very aware of the title and topic, thank you

    for the second time, you made the post about guardians (including core, fb, and dh) so i directly respond to that, hence why i quoted you
    "PvP on the other hand, guardian is one of the worst performing classes (excluding FB support)."

    ^ where in that particular line does it mention dh, and only dh?
    it does not!
    even stronger you exclude fb, with other words making it very clear that you talk about guardian, all of them else you would not need to exclude

    but by all means..

    not to forget one tiny detail, since this topic was about pve (have you even read the title before you post) so why you come with pvp is unknown to me

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