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Very high ping

I live in the west coast and my ping usually averages around 100-110. Lately my ping has been around 280 staying there for like an hour or so before it drops back down to 110ish. What's going on? It's been happening since the last update.


  • You are not alone. I have also problems with connection after this patch.

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    I live on the US westcoast as well and experiencing the same.

  • I live in central and for a few months now my ping has doubled what it used to be. somebody said at one time anet moved their servers or switched or something. my ping was always around 50-60 for the first 6 yrs but since anet did something a few months ago its been doubled. but i bet it has something to do with this game dying and anet having to cut off servers in certain zones making the connection travel farther.

  • The game isn't 'dying', nor did ArenaNet cut off servers.
    ArenaNet moved (NA) from NCSoft servers (in Texas) to Amazon servers (in Virginia) to provide more stable servers for their kind of game distribution. Those on the West Coast and Central US would see an increase; those on the East Coast a decrease in ping.

    EU moved from Frankfort to Frankfort.

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    I've been getting lag like this for the last week or so, too. All of the pingplotter logs show no packet loss or ping spikes. All of the internet speed/ping tests to various servers across NA show no anomalies in prolonged tests. It's only in the game where I get 150-400 sometimes even 500ms ping spikes just out of the blue (which is very frustrating in PvP ><) Any kind of movement skill will randomly stutter or skip animation frames ect. Average ping hangs at 145-200ms for 5 seconds or more then everything is fine again. I'm beginning to wonder if that recent snow/ice storm that is hitting the east is having an effect on the server routes.

  • Ping and internet issues are the number one complaint in any online game if you don’t believe me go check any games support forum! Now if this was an internal game issue then this thread would be pages long and someone from Anet would be on telling us they are aware of the issue and are working on it. One thing that Anet is good for is getting on here and informing us of game issues in a time.y manner!

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    Well found some packet loss this morning, getting random 200ms ping spikes and thought to test it. PL varies from 3-5% on 99.82 and 0-7%* on 52.93.

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    I'm getting a few seconds lag today in wvw

    please make a Taimi voice mail pack
    my QoL wishes

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    4 seconds ping

    it was okay yesterday

    please make a Taimi voice mail pack
    my QoL wishes

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    I'm having similar issues, Ping is all over the shot.. Also been up/down for last 2 hrs, R Ratio is all over the place in arcdps too.
    Lots of 007 codes, unusal - ISP all other things are fine my side, checked run all idiags.

    Started 5pm server time, still ongoing right now. - Connecting from UK -> USA Servers, also know of one other person also having same issue diff town/location in UK.

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    if even NA players have packet loss, the problem obviously lies in NA network itself
    either the backbone or the amazon network but it seems to be pointing at amazon network

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    The game is completely unplayable for me
    Skills take like half a minute or more to turn on

    please make a Taimi voice mail pack
    my QoL wishes

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    Living in UK here but on NA server. 400+ ping (normally I'm 100 ish) and often hits well into the thousands making it pretty unplayable.

    But glad to know it isn't a problem my end at least. We're all in this together!

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  • hopefully amazon can and will sort it out. ive got bad internet, I can manage, but lately cant play gw2.

    te lazla otstara.
    fingers crossed meta ~

  • I'm getting bad ping some time of the day. Playing on NA servers from Germany.
    I noticed that the ping gets back to normal after the Stock market closes is the US, but have to check more often to confirm.

    Normal ping: ~120 ms
    Bad ping: ~240 ms
    Really bad ping: >1000 ms

  • My ping has been a consistent 800 - 850 over the last few days. I read somewhere it had to do with AFK festival goers

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    Not playing is between 110 - 2000 ( Israel )
    ArenaSrv/101.89305 Instance/0.566233115

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    For me, using my regular cable connection, the packet loss started last night.
    I just tested it again, and the problem remains.
    I tried a 4G connection (different ISP), which usually works well, but same problem.
    Skills starts to blink, with no response and after a minute or so I get disconnected.
    Playing from Brazil => EU servers.

  • Similar issues here - UK, EU server, average ping has increased from 60-70 to 330-600 over the last couple of days. FPS normal.

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    140 FPS vs 980-20k ping who will win I wonder. Yeah it's gotten worse over the past few months.

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    Just wanna update that I'm still getting indications of packet loss to Amazon's servers but had a tech from ISP come out and he looked the lines over. Apparently the connection at the drop from the main line was so loose that it took 1/4th turn and it disconnected. More than likely caused by the weather. Still getting packet loss to Amazon's servers but strangely not getting any ping spikes that interfere with gameplay. If you're still getting lag on NA might be worth calling your ISP to come check things out.

  • It's been extremely bad for a couple days now with my ping being "stable" around 500 for about a minute then dropping to just 60 for about 20-30 seconds then back to 500. It's basically making doing WvW and Raids unplayable. I'm in the Northeast btw

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    Same problem for me, EU on Whiteside Ridge.
    Very unstable pings. It almost impossible for me to play GW2 during weekends. The rubber-banding is just too much.

    Support were very nice, but didn't help solve the problem. I highly doubt the problem is on my side.
    GW2 is the only game on my machine that has this problem :disappointed:

  • I'm having the same issue since the last GW2 update. I normally get 45-65 ping (U.S. Est / FL). I have fiber optic internet with 100 up/down and there aren't any problems on my end. My ping now goes from 70-1500 randomly. I'll average 300-400 for a few minuets then it'll do something else. This is a very big problem for me @anet as sPvP is my most played game mode. This ping issue makes the game unplayable. I don't want to quit the game because I run a 500 member PvX guild that has been around for 5+ years, but if this keeps up then I'll just go to Xbox or something. Also, I've been talking to guild members and many of them have the same problem. Many of them only do PvE and they're still very frustrated. This needs to find a fix quickly.


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  • You can use a program like PingPlotter to find where connection issues lay. It's often an issue with the Tier 1 backbone.

    Good luck.

  • @Inculpatus cedo.9234 said:
    You can use a program like PingPlotter to find where connection issues lay. It's often an issue with the Tier 1 backbone.

    Good luck.

    What does a Tier 1 backbone even mean? Also, as I said before, its only from this specific game.

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    You connect to your ISP, your ISP connects to a Tier 1 backbone, which connects to your destinations ISP/Servers.
    Your destination determines the route, and which Tier 1 backbone is used. Thus, different results for different destinations.

  • Okay, you missed the point. Its not the ISP that's a problem, its @ArenaNet Team.4819 @ArenaNet QA Testing.7408 @ArenaNet for switching to Amazon's servers that's the problem. There has been proven packet loss. At this point I'm seriously thinking about just uninstalling the game because PvP and even some PvE is unplayable.

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  • I'm having unbearable ping as well, it's very frustrating. Trying to farm dragonite today, I was unable to get credit for several world bosses because no skills would activate. I can see everybody else fighting and killing the boss, but I personally cannot contribute. This happens all the time lately on world bosses especially, but also to a lesser extent in group content.

    Oddly, sometimes I have no lag whatsoever but OTHER people around will be complaining that they can't do anything. It's like they have to ration their server priority, and sometimes I get it but sometimes I don't.

  • i am also having very high ping in NA server

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    Since Friday 12/20 I started having a ping of 4,000 and NEVER had that issue before. My connection is awesome, My other games are fine, its only GW2 and it started Friday. This is unplayable and horrible. sometimes it will go back down to a ping of 69 then spikes back up immediately. Is this because of Wintersday??????

  • Game's been extremely hard to play for me since the move to Amazon's servers.
    Like, a warrior vengeanced and Bull's Charged me the moment I happened to drop packets/spike/whatever you wanna call it and by the time I saw the animation it was already way too late. Extremely frustrating to die to after winning the fight (and not being someone who would die to the vengeance if I was able to actually see it happen).

    All my packet loss comes right at the end on the last jump to the AWS servers but it's really inconsistent. My ping's higher to this game than just about anything else, even when they're located in the same region.

    Open world's even worse but it's PvE and it doesn't matter so it's mostly ignorable.

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    Same here Shagie. after 6+ years playing Guild Wars 2 this is the frist time since December 17, Wintersday patch i ever had very high ping. It was so high at one time it went to 4,000. DO NOT,, REPEAT DO NOT uninstall the game the way I did thinking it would be fixed because YOU CANNOT launch the game past 35% downloading. Just hope and pray when Wintersday is over Jan 7 that it goes back to normal. Until now I feel your pain but I also cannot get on the game lol.

  • I just wanted to do a fresh install for my new PC set up and yeah. I keep having to reset the client because it stops at 20GB, then 4GB, then 3GB. Repeating until it eventually finishes. Still, got a good chunk past 'playable', at least...

  • I'm having a hard time with Ping for the past few months. Looking at the options menu, I was startled by unimaginable 3,780 pings! It was impossible to play WxW, which is my favorite part of GW2. I have already looked for solutions, but I see that it is best to stay away from the game for a while. Abandoning it entirely becomes impossible, as I bought both expansions and won the original game. I sincerely hope that Arenanet solves this problem. I speak from Brazil and connect to the US server. :s

  • I've had this problem for months now and it has recently started getting extreme again.

    Between traceroute, pingplotter, and whois three names consistently come up for where my connection dies: Century Link, AT&T, and Amazon.

    More often than not it's a Century Link owned hop.

    I'm willing to bet that Anet is aware of the problem but it's very likely that we're too tiny of a minority to have them address the problem. And even if they did acknowledge it the problem spots (for me at least) are big American corporations so it's beyond their ability to deal with.

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  • @thepenmonster.3621 I too am on CL, and doing a Visual Traceroute to the IP address listed for WvW, I get lots of packet loss within the Amazon owned AWS. In addition to this, I also have a spike of 50ms going from the West Coast to Kansas City (where CL HQ is located). CLs cer-edge-19 router adds that extra 50ms. While I normally would chalk this up as distance, this is within their own network, and going even to Level 3 Networks in Seattle (another CL owned company), I do not get these large spikes up.

    When I have done the traceroutes, I normally use UDP and TCP, not ICMP (ICMP is what is normally used when using tracert). With both of those, have been doing this off and on the past few days, I normally get packet loss starting in the AWS, not within CL's network. For myself, the packet loss starts with the IP, and gets worse (up to 80%+ packet loss) at,, & This is after 10 traces with 3 tests per hop, and a total of 32 hops using "Whatsup Visual Traceroute"with the latest version of WinPCap so I can use the TCP/UDP traceroute features. All are free (will need to sign up for kitten email from ipswitch.

    If you want to get results, tell CL that you are trying to telecommute using RDP, and that the lag is horrid.


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    considering this isn't ANET issue (or it is?), it is a rip for us who are lagging?
    I am getting 4K+ ping every single night, the game is literally unplayable for me.
    there is anything we can do to solve the lag problem?

  • @rooney.7968 , while I do agree with you when it comes to it being a ANet problem, as this is mainly within AWS, ANet does have a Service Level Agreement (SLA) with AWS. That SLA does allow ANet certain lee-ways to have AWS improve their network performance, otherwise a lawyer somewhere is not doing their job. The SLA should have stipulations on network reliability. If ANets customers are notifying them of a network problem, then ANet needs to contact AWS about the problem to have them fix the problem per the SLA.

    Right now, after this last week, WvW has gotten better, as the server was changed out. I am not sure why this would be, as I have not done a trace on the new IP address. Something tells me there may still be packet loss within AWS.

  • Came to the forums, and glad to see I'm not the only one seeing issues. My ping would randomly jump over 1k or 4k many times throughout the session, even with a hard line and 945mbps speeds and plenty of bandwidth. EVERY other game on my PC run has low ping when playing online, but only GW2 runs into severe issues.

  • very bad ping spikes game feel so bad the last couple days and i have good internet connections why is this happening?

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    I was playing last night and my ping times were fine with the NA servers I was getting between 35-44ms it was saying the average was 39ms. And I have VZ DSL with 5.88/.863 but my line is set to Fast Path.