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new mesmer needs advice: Best Route to unlock Elite Professions Chronomancer + Mirage

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Hi all you fine purple ones! :-)

After a long (3 year) hiatus I started to play again some weeks ago. Bought PoF, unlocked the mounts and some Mastery points
in PoF-zones with my old main (still core Ranger). Unlocked Soulbeast. So I already know how to solo some HPs in PoF (on ranger though).
From my memory, I recall most of HoT-HPs pretty nasty. That was early 2015 on my ranger. Aside from performance issues,
that was one of the reasons why I took that long of a break.

Now I leveled a new Mesmer from 50 to 80 (got a scroll from birthday). And I fell in love with it :->>
Leveling was quite fun. Sometimes a bit complicated, but all round I felt pretty capable in OW and story content. I had used the OW-build from metabattle
(GS, Sw/Sw with some variations). Gearwise I used what I got from quests (some TP). Traitlines were Domination 221, Dueling 133, Illusions 122.

Now my question:
What is the best(easiest) route for unlocking Chronomancer + Mirage. I can imagine doing PoF first to unlock Chrono. as it seems to be easier than to jump in HoT again.
I have gliding at 3. the raptor (3), springer(3), skimmer & jackal (both at 1). No way points unlocked in HoT/PoF (as a fresh 80).
I can purchase exotic gear from the TP and have some berserker asc. jewelry from my ranger.

-> Should I continue playing GS+Sw/Sw Power/Berserker or switch to a condi build staff/scepter?
-> Which elite-spec first? Chrono or Mirage? (Am gonna play both in the end.)
-> Which zones to start? HoT or PoF?

Your advice, any tipps and recommendations are really appreciated. Please help me.

I'm an older player with a lot experience but not the best reactions. I'm a filthy casual. But am flexible and willing to improve & to learn.

Yours kindly
little ball of purple


  • Solori.6025Solori.6025 Member ✭✭✭✭

    First. It's Open world PvE. So power or condi works totally your choice.
    Second. You can start in either Pof or HoT.
    Personally I have found it easier to get started in HoT because of the heropoint trains that usually run.
    You are eventually going to want to get every mastery but mounts make travel in HoT super easy. Not that it's hard to begin with.

    Tingle my stingleberry

  • Infusion.7149Infusion.7149 Member ✭✭✭
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    I'd go chrono first. Mirage is really not a party-based profession and generally is stronger with condi. As you mentioned you will buy Berserker gear I would think chrono is a better choice for your case. The optimal condi gears (viper/grieving/sinister/trailblazer/etc) are gated behind the HOT/POF storylines and are accountbound. You'd end up having something along the lines of Carrion / Dire/Rabid/Rampager if you buy it off the TP.

  • I'll go chrono first. Gonna start with HoT. Trying with a heropoint train ...
    It's been quite a while since I played in HoT. Lets see how it is now.
    Thank you for helping.

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