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About Legendary Envoy Armor

Alecu.4786Alecu.4786 Member
edited January 19, 2019 in January 2019: LWS4 Episode 5

Hey! First of all, I know this should be about the most recent release (which blew my expectations), but I really wanted to ask this since the last forum chat but I missed my chance :(.

  1. Two months ago we got the Mistforged Glorious Hero Armor, and just a bit later, the Slumbering (no tendrils) version of the chest piece. Could we get a Slumbering version of the Legendary Envoy Armor from raids, for example, without the Wings-like effect that pops out of our back when we draw out our weapons, and, more notably, a version for the medium armor that doesn't expand into a trench coat? This small change would make me and others extremely happy! <3 (I say small but I'm not sure how hard it is to implement! Sorry!)

  2. Can we expect more armor sets that can be upgraded to legendary stats just like the WvW and SPvP pieces? (The Requiem set seemed to go towards that angle a bit :O)

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