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NA/PvE 18+ Social Guild [CaLM] Before the Storm

[CaLM] Before the Storm is recruiting!

We are a small social pve guild based in NA looking to expand our roster. We have weekly raids, and guild missions. We're very active on our discord and our members are interested in a variety of games.

We require new recruits to be 18+ years old, have an inclusive, respectful disposition and use discord. We take our Code of Conduct seriously and while we like to joke around, as a rule we don't condone "punching down".

New to raids? No problem. Our group is happy to walk you through the process of gearing and speccing your character towards an optimum build. In return we ask that you be ready for your first raid in at least full exotic gear with a mind to getting full ascended and be willing to listen in voice chat. Raids are twice a week, first come, first serve with days and time voted for on a weekly basis to find the best fit for everyone. (generally in the evening early in the week)

Guild Missions are a great way to get to know us! We run our missions every Sunday 8pm est.

We're all adults here and some of us have known each other for years. We understand if you have other obligations and are just looking for a place to hang out and meet other nerds. :) If you're interested in joining us our membership application is on our discord at

See you around Tyria!

-Yrulan (GM)


  • We've gotten some really great members since i made this post! Our raids are now filling up on the regular and people are learning fast. We're expanding nicely and are looking into adding more events. Are we the right fit for you? Lets find out!

  • We now have a weekly t4 Fractal group that runs Saturdays midday =)

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