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Legendary Ellutherius Wintergust bounty

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I have been waiting for this bounty for hours to appear on the board and it just won't. I have been to several maps and waited for hours, even some maps were closing on me and yet the bounty won't appear, it seems to show up on fresh instances but that's out of any players control especially that PoF maps aren't highly crowded to try and search for another map that easily, if a fresh map fixes the issue anyway. I want to know whether it's bugged or the randomness of it spawning on the board is open, like the game can never spawn it because of how random it is or is there like a set of timers that are drawn once after the bounty is off the board and already done/has failed.

I need it for the last gem to complete "Glorify the Golden Heart" achievement, but it always seems unfortunate when I go for this bounty specifically.

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