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When The Night Falls [WTNF] is an Dedicated PvE Guild with players also doing PvP, only a few do WvW.
We’d like to see ourselves as an Casual / Family type of Guild, where players are valued by their Attitude and Personality.

Guild Origin
We are When The Night Falls [WTNF] The Guild was founded on 15-07-07 in Guild Wars, As of 25-08-2012 we shifted our focus onto Guild Wars 2

Guild Vision:
When The Night Falls [WTNF] is a family feel guild, we treat our members as family.
Players won’t be judged by performance or activity, but by Attitude, Personality and Dedication for the guild.

Guild rules:
- We are an 99% represent guild, this means we expect you to represent us 99% of the time with all your characters.
- We are a family feel guild so we feel it’s best we keep chat clean.

Guild Missions:
Easy Weekly Opportunities: Unlocked.
Medium Weekly Opportunities: Unlocked.
Hard Weekly Opportunities: Unlocked.
WvW Opportunities: Unlocked.
PvP Opportunities: Unlocked.
PvE Opportunities: Unlocked.

Guild Hall Upgrades:
Arena level 2
Market level 2
Mine level 2
Tavern level 2
Workshop level 2
War Room level 2

Guild Leader
- Holy Blood Guardian / Guardian of Angels.9867

2nd in command
- Amber Tadreme / Amber Tanangel.1853
- Sweeps / Sweeps.3059

You can contact us by the above players in-game message, or visit our website at:



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