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Can we have an actual mermaid dungeon/raid???

I love mermaids c:<

So, naturally when I heard about Sirens Reef I became very interested; Sirens aren't mermaids but they're still in a similar category being in comparison the mean flying step-sister to the nice and helpful mermaid.
But from doing some research, it's just basic modeled two-legged npcs so naturally, I lost interest.

My asking or pleading for is more nautical styled skins introduced into GW2.
Can we have more mermaid themed weapons/ skins? Like a Coral Rod imbued with Pearls? Or a carved mother of pearl rod (No, not like the semi-Greco-Roman styled pearl exotic weapons) But carved to look like water currents and a mermaid/ merman at the top of the staff holding a giant clam or pearl?
More trident themed staves/ spearguns for rifles and pistols/ giant clams for shields and even more detailed conch shells for Horns.
I know there is a semi-detailed mermaid bow being the pirate weapons but can we please have more skins nautical and pirate based?


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    While you are on it please consider of a fractal with succubus. I love succubus ;)

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    Do gw2 even have mermaids.
    I know we got krait and largos.

  • Warkind.6745Warkind.6745 Member ✭✭✭

    Let's have a set of water themed weapons, but they're all just slight reworks of the Monsoon skin.

    All is vain.

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    All of the juicy drama an entirely underwater based raid would cause. That alone would be worth it.

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    we watch too much aquaman! :p

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