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If you have an mmo mouse, where do you bind your instant casts (like attunements)?

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I just got an MMO mouse the other day, and I'm currently redoing all my keybinds. It is HELL right now haha.

I'm wondering, to the people who've tried it both ways, do you find it easier to keep your instant casts on your keyboard (now that space has been freed up), or have them on your mouse (along with weapon skills etc)?

Because I'm finding it a little slow to reach Ele attunements when they're on the mouse with my thumb and then like, move the same thumb slightly to a weapon skill lool. And vise versa. It feels bad when I'm trying to attune to things during cast times, but maybe that's because I have literally just changed it like... right now, and I'm just slow AF but it's something you get better at?

Or is it just easier in the long run to keep 'em on your keyboard?

(thought about making this in ele section but i guess it's more general than that, since it's a question of ~where do you find it easiest to reach your instant casts while doing 2340298 other things~)

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    i dont know what an MMO mouse is but...
    iam using https://www.logitechg.com/en-roeu/products/gaming-mice/g300s-gaming-mouse.html

    G5 = Fire Attune
    G7 = Water Attune
    G4 = Air
    G6 = earth

    I cant play Ele on any other mice / mouses ( don't know which is the right plural)

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    I have Corsair one (https://www.corsair.com/us/en/Categories/Products/Gaming-Mice/SCIMITAR-RGB-Optical-MOBA-MMO-Gaming-Mouse/p/CH-9000091-NA)

    F1 - F12: bound to mmo buttons 1-12 on mouse

    Gw2 mapping:
    F1-F5: profession keys (attunements etc)
    F7-F12: mounts
    Q: heal
    E: elite
    ZXC: other utils.
    Everything else default mapping.

    I can reach all combat keys without much effort, can use both mouse and kb for profession mechanics.

    Tried binding more but it became confusing - because you don't look at mouse you need to have an easy pattern to learn.

  • Move: e/s/d/f
    Weapon swap a
    F1-5 bound to q/w/r/t/g
    Instant turn: c
    Look behind: v
    Dodge: Mouse 1 (between left and right Mouse button)

    Mmo mouse Number block:
    Interact: 2
    Weapon Auto attack: 1
    Weapon 2: 4
    Weapon 3: 5
    Weapon 4: 6
    Weapon 5: 3
    Heal: 10
    Utility 1-3: 7-9
    Elite: 12
    Special Action key: 11

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    Move (default): W/A/S/D
    Weapon skills (default): 1-5
    Utilities and elite: Z/X/C/V/B from left to right respectively as seen on screen
    Mount: G
    Interaction: F
    Weapon swap (default): `
    I changed F1-F5 being a bit far and require some finger stretching to: Q/E/R/T/Y respectively
    Glider: Space bar "mid-air"
    About face: Mouse Scroll Button
    Dodge: Shift

    For any other thing that is rarely used I place it on the Number Pad, and for the ones that are occasionally used they are scattered among the remaining letters.

    Haven't really tried going for a mouse with many buttons and I don't know how it would feel if I have to move while pressing abilities with the same hand.

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    im currently using a logitech https://http2.mlstatic.com/mouse-gamer-logitech-g600-mmo-laser-kitten-20-botones-gaming-D_NQ_NP_943341-MLM28486220349_102018-F.jpg . i like it because besides the 12 side buttons it as a "third" click button, or G-Shift as its called, on the far right that acts basically, as the name implies, a Shift button to all the other buttons in the mouse, so you can have double the amount of configurations with it. My current setup is (SB:side button, LT: left tilt, RT: right tilt (the mouse whell its actually 3 buttons; press, left tilt, right tilt)

    Q: skill 1
    SB1: skill 2
    SB2: skill 3
    SB3: skill 4
    E: skill 5
    LT: healing skill
    SB4: utility 1
    SB5: utility 2
    SB6: utility 3
    RT: elite
    wheel press: weapon swap

    G-Shift+ SB1to SB5: F1 to F5 skills

    SB 7 to 11 each have a mount assigned and the last remaining side button i set it to sheath and unsheath weapon

    Also congratz on getting your gaming mouse, it will be hard to get use to it at the beggining, but thats just at the beggining, once you get used to it and find a configuration you like you will never want to go back to use a normal mouse again

  • I have a Logitech G600. Beside the left and right mouse buttons is a large 3rd button that acts as the ctrl key. So to use attunements I hold the far right button (ctrl) and then G9(1) fire, G10(2) water, G11(3) air, and finally G12(4) for earth. It makes it insanely fast to switch. I also use the same setup for my holosmith toolbelt.