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[EU][PVX] Looking for Players from SEA region

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Hello, we are looking for players from SEA timezone to play together. looking for more active new/experienced players.
What we expect from you is be a player from SEA timezone and don't be an elitist . Bantering is okay but know your limit. We currently have a discord server and a level 10 guild just started but would be nice to have few more people on the board :) Mostly looking to do stuff together when we are up. Rep is optional
Message me in discord (S L O T H#6312) or whisper me in-game when I'm online if you are interested.

The guild died out for a while because i was away from the game but I'm looking to rebuild again so there are scheduled stuff running right now. If you are still interested give me a ping cause im sure things could work out ;)

Edit : We have claimed windswept havens as a guild hall.