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Sandswept Isles Beetle Chain Events Still Stall

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Since this event chain was being looked at and partially fixed last patch, I'd like to shed some light into it more.

Event name: "Mount up and help Fenn wrangle the panicked marmoxes!" AND "Escort Fenn back to the village"
Not blocking any progress or anything..but the rewards act as if it's from a living story 3 map. Check the screenshot.

Event name: "Mount up and help Fenn wrangle the panicked marmoxes!"
This is blocking progress. There are not enough marmoxes that spawn sometimes. I've also waited for 10 minutes and not 1 marmoxes has spawned. Thus, stalling the event from ever progressing. Check the screenshot.


  • Actually, just noticed the second bug/screenshot, the marmoxes are spawned WAY out of the event zone. Look at the bottom left corner of the mini map. I went to their location, but it's so far out that I don't have the special action key to finish the event.

  • Event chain still bugged after Tuesday's patch. It was fixed temporarily because of a new instance, but it's back again. Marmoxes are waaay out of place so the event will never finish.

  • Bumping to report this is still bugged

  • Guess I'll have to wait for a build update to see if the event will reset as this is happening to me.

  • Sylanna.1947Sylanna.1947 Member ✭✭

    how has this never been fixed?

  • The event is still stalled due to marmoxes spawning far away from the event. It's impossible to complete it and progress to the beetle queen, also making the achievment the queen and I impossible to get.

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