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Fractal Dailies - data changed?

I have built an application some time ago that shows a table of fractals with overlays on the dailies, using the API as source for the daily achievements. Since the achievements do not reference the fractals directly, I use a regexp to match the required fractal scale in the achievement's name. This worked and still works fine.

For the daily fractal island my (old) code reads the bits parts of an achievement and looks for the same regexp pattern as for daily level. This used to work, but when I've checked today it did not. Manually checking a daily fractal shows that it does not contain a bits part.

If possible, as the simplest solution, I'd like to get the bits back in.

A better solution would be to introduce a new optional key or bit type for fractals, directly referencing the fractal scale(s) to complete.

A more complex solution would include a new /fractals endpoint. This has been suggested before and I'd prefer this, but it is more work. And with seemingly little activity on the API I don't have much hope this could arrive any time soon. This endpoint could contain the map scale <-> island and instabilities per scale and allow the achievements to reference it, e.g. with a fractal_island: "maitrin" key.

To fix my application, I probably need to change the regexp and get the fractal island name. This should work, but I need to have yet another key to the island. Since my scale <-> island map is parsed from the wiki, I need to upgrade it to put another, not automatically generated, key into the file and to watch the dailies for a while to get all names.

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