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Looking for suggestions for Rev & Thief duo

This is for open world content, fractals, and dungeons. My fiance plays a thief and I've picked up rev. We're looking for set ups that compliment each other in some ways. Any ideas?


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    As long as you're both focused on damage you cant really fail. Support rev isnt worth with thief since thief doesnt benefit much from alacrity and it already has enough evades/blinds/mobility to stay healthy in fight.

    Check some open world builds on metabattle for inspiration.

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    Sounds like an interesting creative challenge. Let me take a shot. I'm going to assume you'll both be at max level, with full access to both Elite Specializations. I'm also not going to suggest any optimized speedclear builds, because you can get those from better sources. I will, however, attempt to give you two builds that has some synergy, yet not be totally reliant on each other.

    To begin, you could go for a Power Herald to pair with a Power Deadeye. Facet of Nature - Assassin helps the both of you sustain your health through longish fights through life steal, and you can pop it with True Nature to remove boons from enemies, something that will become more and more common the further you get into the game. You can change Jalis with Glint for more group boons, or remain with Jalis for more personal DPS. Otherwise, your skill priority as a Power Herald is activating Impossible Odds, auto-attacking, and using Precision Strike off cooldown. When your energy runs out, swap Legendaries, and start channeling more skills. The Power Deadeye will be providing more group Might and Fury through Fire for Effect, and has the option to go melee with Dagger/Dagger for more direct burst, or Sword/Pistol for less overall damage but more utility from Blinds and Stuns; if the preference is for ranged, Rifle is the go-to, for sure.

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