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Precsion Rework sugestion


Is it possible to rework fury for addional critcal chance? It would nice to be able to hit 100 percent crit without the need for a warrior and druid to run spotter. This prposed change would certainly improve class and healer diversity. Just a thought.


  • You can have 100% crit chance without druid and warrior. Running full assasin, truffle steak and precise infusions is 79,86 percent crit.

    Druid cannot be replaced as long as there is no other healer with offensive buffs on same lvl

  • Skotlex.7580Skotlex.7580 Member ✭✭✭

    Additionally, every class has on their traits ways to further boost their critical chance, which is why probably reaching 100% critical with your gears alone is not necessary.

  • Miellyn.6847Miellyn.6847 Member ✭✭✭
    edited January 29, 2019

    Many classes don't need spotter anymore to cap crit. Also there are crit infusions which provide you with 90 precision.
    In Fractals you don't need it since the mist potions and masteries.

    Also spotter isn't the reason you take druids. You also have spirits and 10man might. You can already take other heals if you want.
    It would change nothing for class diversity and just kill PvP balance even more.

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