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New elite specialization ideas

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Swing all your ideas! :)
I have this idea there (in basic)

The demiurge
Power of dreams and nightmares (F1 / F2 is in elementalist postures), replacing the clones.
** Weapon: ** Hammer
Gauge system to fill (according to the dream posture or nightmares) like the Scourge.
And once the 100% achieved (depending on the posture): ultimate competence is possible to be launched. (nothing to do with the Elite spell).

The demiurge no longer seeks to deceive the enemy, but to attack it directly at its source! He draws from his fears and dreams, he captures emotion.
That's it, I put a base, but it gives you an idea of ​​what it could be! :)


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    can't remove illusions from mesmer. too many skills and traits depend on them

    I Have No friends, so I Must pug

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    I just hope if they do add more elite specs, they make them thematically more true to the core concept of the profession. I feel like there's too much bleed-over and half the elite builds now feel like they really should be specs for a different prof.

    Profession: elementalis
    New weapon unlocked: torch in offhand.
    New mechanic: Elemental Avatar

    With the new mechanic, Elementalists will shapeshift into an elemental being (not like the summoned ones, but something more similar of our actual character) unlocking a whole serie of new powers to harness. To make it less op, it could be timed or even works in charges, like our elemental weapons.

    they could work on it as they work on costumes. It "transmog" our gear and gave us new texture for a limited time.
    Fire avatar: our skin turn lava like, with molten stones floatin on our skin (a mix between zodiac and hellfire tmog). Tongue of flames as hair.
    Water avatar: blue, swirling skin, with an ice armor. Flowing water as hair, but ice spikes could work better on male chars.
    Air avatar: a slightly blurred version of ourself, with "patches" made of thundering clouds, glowing hands and windtrail as hair. Lighting cracks inside, like a stormy cloud. Golden armor.
    Earthen avatar: our whole body became covered in stone with a crystalline armor (think about branded, but not corrupted).

    AVATARS SKILLS (replaces weapons skills-description only on skills of which u can't interprete effects by name)
    1- magma beam- long range
    2- eruption- channeled: became the ephicentre of a magma nova, burning everything around you
    3- wrath- close range: morph your right hand into a massive molten sword, slashing everything in a cone in front of you
    4- volcanic fury-medium range: launch a barrage of molten rocks to the target
    5- Primordial fury-aoe: make the targeted area explode, relasing rivers of fire over it. Slow and damage

    1- ebb-directional: grab an ally and pull it towards you, shielding and healing it during the process
    2-flow-directional: propel yourself on the battlefield, healing allies or chilling foes you pass through
    3-ice spear: throw an ice spear to an enemy, chilling it.
    4- blessing of the deepmother-Aoe: summon 3 mermaid-like elementals on the battlefield, with their song they increase vitality of allies as long as they remain active
    5- blizzard: summon a blizzard on the battlefield, slowing foes and appliying chill. You move "x" faster when traveling through it.

    1-thunder- directional: push foes back from your position
    2-chain lightning
    3- warp: teleport yourself "x" feet from your position. Press again return to your original position.
    4- lightning- direct damage
    5- storm fury: lift yourself in the skies, becoming invulnerable. From there you can call down lightings on the battlefield. Lightnings have an aoe (small) target system
    *1 and 4 may be switched

    1- crystalline blade: morph your right hand in a blade made of crystal and hit a foe
    2- earthen defender: your left arm became a shield, protecting you from incoming damage
    3- encase: encase your foe legs in stone, preventing any movement.
    4- shatter: make the crystals on your body shatter, damage and bleeding foes around you
    5- might of the mountain: increase your size and gain major protection. Earthen defender and crystalline blade gets buffed.

    4- flame river- directional
    5- flaming blade: shape the flame of the torch as a sword and attack your foe. Inflict burning.

    4- Stream: channel a beam of water, chilling foes or heal allies
    5-whip- directional: fashion the waters of the torch in the form a whip and smash it in front of you.

    4- cyclone-aoe: summon a cyclone that suck foes inside of it. If they collide, they get stunned.
    5- lightning strike: propel yourself toward a foe, folgorate it, and then retreat.

    4- crystalline field-aoe: summon a crystal field on the battlefield. Reactivate to make it explode.
    5- diamondguard: lift your torch high, creating a bubble of diamond at your position. Blocks projectiles and foes cannot enter.

    Unique torch: Gift of the Primordials.
    NOTES: The the "flames" on it changes depending on attunement. Flames for fire, flowing waters for waters, lightnings for air and a crystal chunck for earth.

    New related transmog pieces ideas: elemental weapons, elemental armor.
    Could look like fused on us, saying a crystal blade encasing our arm, an helm that turn our hair in flame tongue, a staff looking like a lightning rod that is invisible until we summon it from thin air (like our elemental weapons) etc

    The goal of this spec is to move closer to the elements we master. Controlling fire is cool? Yeah! But think about to BECOME fire, even if for a limited time. Become the embodiement of the primordial forces that shaped our world is something unique, and will give a whole new experience.
    It's a huge amout of work to kmplement it, i know, but i would love it so bad something like this

  • sorudo.9054sorudo.9054 Member ✭✭✭✭

    i hope to see some of the following:

    specialized at full arcane magic, changing the elements into role arcane spells for a new weapon. (which should be staff but since that's already core all we have are ether non-fitting weapons or a choice of a new weapon)

    specialized at full minion mastery, using the health of opponents to feed minions and allowing the necro to make an army. (using the longbow as weapon)

  • perilisk.1874perilisk.1874 Member ✭✭✭✭

    Necro - Hammer based offensive support minion spec. Shroud skills are ammo-based like scourge F1 and spawn limited duration minions, which tend to pulse offensive boons when struck, when killed, or on other conditions. F5 is the actual "shroud", and calls the minions back to absorb damage for the necro. Utility skills are banners; when carried as a bundle, they allow direct control of swarm minions, like the bit in PoF with the awakened mummies.

    Elementalist - something based on elemental transformations, and a mechanic like CA or DS, which encourages camping an element to fill up the bar that enables the elemental transformation

    Mesmer - Music/Dance-themed Punishment spec. Clones are very fragile (normally can only take one hit) and proc a punishment effect when hit or killed. Shatters are replaced with low-CD Dances that functions more like attunements; using one changes what clones do when hit/killed, but doesn't actively trigger the effect.

  • Necromancer >> BANSHEE - The Screaming Minions Commander

    When enter "Screaming Shroud" gain Misfortune Atmosphere, all foes close to BANSHEE and minions get blind & fear every 5 sec in battle.
    Scream Utility Skill, All Minions scream with Banshee, DEAF (blind & fear) foes.
    Weapon: Access to Shortbow, shooting out Screaming Souls that chills foes.
    New Minions: undead Fleshreaver, undead fleshmole, undead soul hooker
    New Pet: Convert large selection of Animals into a flesh pet that follows player all the time

  • Perihen the Thawk.9527Perihen the Thawk.9527 Member ✭✭
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    Necromancer: Harbinger

    Profession Mechanic: Wither/Plague

    Wither is a passive effect that leaves a ribbonlike trail of Poison/Torment AoE field wherever the Harbinger walks. Life Force can be spent (or maybe this should just be an Elite skill depending on how strong you want to make it) to temporarily upgrade the Wither effect to Plague, which is much more damaging and persists much longer, perhaps applying even more conditions. Allowing the Harbinger to shape a custom AoE ribbon for ~5 seconds (imagine spectral walk if the trail remained for awhile) that will persist and serve as an area denial.

    The Harbinger will specialize in poison and have a lot of Wells/fields, but instead of being big and splashy like Scourge's, they will be long and filamentary. One way the Harbinger accomplishes this is by use of a bow, and all of the bow skills leave a trail of corruption wherever the arrow flies. Shortbow or Longbow, I can't decide. A Harbinger could use Plague to shape the battlefield on it's own terms, then fire long, tendril-like fields of corruption out in all directions with the bow that persist for some time after the arrows have done their damage. There could be some creativity in the precise shapes of the fields left by the different bow skills and their duration/cooldown. When a Harbinger enters a battle, you should see the arrow coming and think 'oh kitten,' but it's too late and the corruption is spreading. Powerful bow skills that are highly telegraphed (sort of like Dragonhunter's Deflecting Shot) but even the windup does damage because the wells are already spreading. This effect also encourages ranged play over shotgunning because you want to maximize the size of your strips of corruption and constantly re draw the lines of battle to your advantage. It would be ideal if you could aim arrows over other players heads to a distant player, nailing the distant player but hitting them all with the corruption and forcing them to scatter to either side.

  • hugo.4705hugo.4705 Member ✭✭✭✭

    Mechanist, shortbow shooting electrical and modified arrows, golem and forcefield.
    For engineer.

    +++In creative mood. New Engie Elite spec' , Housing , New asuran expansion , Designing a new lounge , New GameMode
    +++NEW: AEP Asuran Expansion Project available on WIKI.

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    Elementalist Specialization
    Archetype - Glass Cannon (Power DPS)
    New Weapon - Longbow
    Description - Masters of the arcane arts, Archons loose the ability to swap elemental attunements, and instead gain access to powerful raw-damage abilities, and the powerhouse Archon mode.

    • Traits that only apply while in a particular attunement are always active.
    • Traits that trigger when swapping attunement now trigger when entering Archon mode.
    • Archon mode charges similar to druid's celestial form, however through damage instead of healing.
    • Archon mode abilities focus on burst damage, as well as afflicting weakness, vulnerability, and CC.
    • All weapons have a new set of arcane skills.
    • Glyph utilities have new arcane versions.

    Ranger Specialization
    Archetype - Minion Master (Condi DPS)
    New Weapon - Rifle
    Description - Through mastering Ogre beast-taming techniques, hunters are able to command three pets at once, and backed up by long-range rifles they're able to take on the mightiest prey.

    • Hunters loose access to pet swapping, but control three (weaker) pets at a time.
    • Command skills become enhanced formation toggle skills.
    • F1 toggles attack formation instructing pets to attack your target (pets will automatically change targets with you). Click F1 again to activate any offensive pet abilities.
    • F2 toggles defense formation instructing pets to return to your side and defend you, only attacking enemies that come within melee range. Click F2 again to activate any defensive pet abilities.
    • F3 toggles hunt formation instructing pets to seek out nearby enemies. Click F3 again to activate all pet abilities.
    • F4 toggles heel formation instructing pets to become passive.
    • Rifle provides long-range condition damage.

    Henge of Denravi - Equinox Solstice [TIME]

  • For the engi, i would love to have a torch on the of hand and have a build focused on dropping tar and fuel on the ground to create massive fire fields and aply burn in aoe.

    Another possibility i have thought would be something more connected to alchemy (perhaps staff as new weapon?), where you buff allies with potions and dmg and apply condi to enemies with poisons

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