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Help with my Soulbeast

Guys I have been gone for quite some time and now finally im getting back to action and it was pretty easy with my main who is power dragon hunter, I didnt have to change a thing on my build or gear just straight back to living world story, now I catched up and I want to return to some of my alts, namely my soulbeast. Problem is that it seems that well a whole lot has change since I last played it. Runes, sigils some traits and skills. This is the build I was running back than and it was quite awesome build even run some dungeons for nightmare runes for this build, but now I would like your imput, what do you think I should change to get up to date. Just one thing I really wanna stay condi as it took me quite some time to get all the viper gear and I can use my legendary torch skin.


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    Looks about as standard a condi build as you can get, except that you'll have to update your runes. ANet moved the Condition Duration bonus on Superior Runes of Nightmare around during their Rune and Sigil rework, so going 6x Nightmare gets you 5% more Condition Duration than your current setup.

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