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Gearing up at 80?

I am a lvl 55 warrior and would like to to know how to go about gearing up at 80. I have tokens from explorable mode that I'm saving for 80 dungeon gear. Or is there better gear that i can acquire?

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  • crepuscular.9047crepuscular.9047 Member ✭✭✭✭

    what are you gearing for? just PvE? Dungeon exotic armors are fine, you need to unlock them for dungeon skin achievement anyway

    there are multiple ways of getting L80 exotic armors these days

    If you have HoT, just do map metas and opening chests, you'll get armor boxes

    • Verdant Brink drops Bladed armor box, which are stats selectable
    • Tangled Depths drops Leystone armor, with Wanderer stats, which is more for WvW and PvP, but there is no reason you cant use it for PvE, just dont kill as fast as Beserker or Viper

    You can also get armors from PvP and WvW reward tracks

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  • Here is what I did:
    --sPvP Leagues to get Ascended Chest, Legs, and Shoes (working on Shoulders and Helmet casually).
    --LWS3 maps to get Ascended Trinkets via each one's special resource.
    --My weapons are from story reward chests, as are my Helmet and Shoulders. All exotic, from chests that let me choose stats. I haven't levelled up crafting for weapons at all yet though, so that is part of it.

    That is what I've been doing. sPvP Leagues, if you enjoy sPvP are pretty easy and fun. You can gear up casually, though it might take a while. Note for the above, I've never even made it to the last chest.

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  • Skotlex.7580Skotlex.7580 Member ✭✭✭

    Check the wiki page named "equipment acquisition by stats", that allows to browse what's available and how you get it.

    Cheapest way to get an exotic set is if it drops from monsters (the prices at the trading post are really accessible, a couple of dailies should let you a whole set), or if you have tons of karma, the orr temple sellers. Or as you mentioned, if you have a tons of dungeon tokens, those sellers.

    If there's a set you want to work towards, depending on how long you'll think it'll take, you can use cheap exotics from the trading post, or use rares (around 10% weaker than exotic, but really affordable).

    As for trinkets, ascended trinkets are generally available for laurels, or in the different living world maps. If your thing are fractals / wvw or PvP, look into acquiring mist trinkets. Again, rares or exotics serve as stepping stones until you get your full deck.

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