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Which expansion do you prefer...?

Aoi.8570Aoi.8570 Member ✭✭
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...so far, based on added new specializations, maps, story, skins and ways of exploring the world (gliding, mounts).

Which expansion do you prefer...? 334 votes

Path of Fire
JustACat.1086particlepinata.9865Kheldorn.5123Egg Shennn.6240pinerider.1950Beorn Raukar.4328fwuffyness.3158Arioch.6507meeflak.9714Nikal.4921Dashingsteel.3410NagayaX.1904Arzurag.7506Rauderi.8706Neural.1824IndigoSundown.5419VirgoT.1583Dante Stormwind.3794TheUndefined.1720Khailyn.6248 210 votes
Heart of Thorns
AegisRunestone.8672maddoctor.2738TheSlothArmada.6709Haishao.6851I Starmore I.4832Just a flesh wound.3589Malleth.5621Jahroots.6791Xcorpdog.2840Shampanix.3928Svarty.8019Danikat.8537Zenith.7301strangercandy.5249BunjiKugashira.9754TheVindelator.8239Asztarte.2957Alatar.7364Ayrilana.1396PaxTheGreatOne.9472 124 votes


  • Celldrax.2849Celldrax.2849 Member ✭✭✭

    I only started playing around 6 months ago, so I don't know what HoT was like in its vanilla state. And as much as I dislike a number of things about HoT (mainly due to being a solo player), it very much has the content longevity.

    PoF thus far has just been... too easy. That's partly why some have been losing interest so quickly.

    Who knows what the coming months will bring to the maps though, and we do still have season 4. We'll just have to see what time will tell.

  • Ziooo.8932Ziooo.8932 Member ✭✭✭
    Path of Fire

    Based on what youre saying, PoF by FAR. Based on everything else tho, id say HoT :p

    Necro mains either are masochists or become masochists after a balance patch.

  • Alchofas.8243Alchofas.8243 Member ✭✭✭
    Path of Fire

    Mounts have greater uses than gliding. It makes gathering, map completion easier.

    While gliding itself only has purpose in HOT, now that POF has released griffon. It's not like core tyria has updrafts anyway.

  • I like both expansions and the core game. Mounts are muh for me. I just don't use them unless I absolutely have to. Gliding I use wwwaaayyy more.

  • Wintermute.5408Wintermute.5408 Member ✭✭✭

    Can't vote in this format. I like scourge more than reaper. I like HoT maps more than PoF ones. I equally like both exploration models offered. Skins sucked everywhere. Never cared much about story.

  • JVJD.4912JVJD.4912 Member ✭✭✭

    Pof with Hot's meta events +adventures

    Serpent ibre is ok ....mind you but really nothing like Dragon stand or any other meta in Hot

    I get it....your main focus was mounts and you did a beautiful job at it but should not have axed the others this much

  • cygnus.8913cygnus.8913 Member
    edited October 1, 2017
    Heart of Thorns

    I like PoF for the mounts, HoT for the metas, and the original game for everything else (although Trahearne was a big story mistake imo).

    Going back to the core game with my new mounts on a new character is the most fun I've had in this game in a long time. PoF didn't successfully recreate the event chains, mob density and of course dungeons that made the original game so compelling imo. I will probably go back to the Hot maps when done with PoF.

  • Fenom.9457Fenom.9457 Member ✭✭✭✭

    yes .


  • Bish.8627Bish.8627 Member ✭✭✭
    Path of Fire

    I did enjoy HoT to an extent. I liked the elites, though none of my mains had a decent open PVE build, or at least one I enjoyed. I had to pick up a complete new profession to stay relevant in WVW frontlines that sucked. I hated the mechanics of some mobs, hated the condition meta that came about. But most of all, I hated the map design with a passion. The layout confused the hell out of me, in all but AB and DS. Meta would pop up and suddenly you are trying to rush somewhere with no clue how to get there! Also, Meta on all maps made it unfocussed and felt like you were always on the metas timetable to play, not your own. How anyone can prefer HoT maps I don't know, I can only guess they came around to the game during this time. Over complex.

    The new maps, love them. They go back to the original in my view. Hearts, events, exploration. Complexity and diversity without being over complex. The new maps invite you to play at your own pace, chose what you want to do and seek out others if needed. For example at 7am on a Saturday morning, I wrote in chat about an event linked to a griffon item, popped my mentor tag and 10+ players showed up and we took out the champ. Later on the same map, I jumped on an event, minutes later a handful of guys came and joined in. This is the magic of guild wars I missed and have discovered again. Not to mention I got holosmith and can really enjoy open PVE again. But WvW really REALLY needs a condition fix and ASAP.

    One last thing, the story for HoT was good, but I felt the ending being on a meta event made it far less personal. This time around, the story >! apart from the awoken generals gripped me and the ending really felt like I did something.

  • Heart of Thorns

    Both really have there ups and downs. But for some reason i think i got more for my money in HoT than PoF, Oh its because HoT also had a new class.

  • Path of Fire

    I prefer Path of Fire. I like the maps and mobs a lot better then Hots. I can complete the HP mobs much easier since they are not champions but veterans instead. I also like the elite specs much better because I finally got my Thief with a rifle.

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  • sorudo.9054sorudo.9054 Member ✭✭✭✭
    Path of Fire

    PoF, i just like it more, HoT is hell for me.

  • Ashantara.8731Ashantara.8731 Member ✭✭✭✭
    Path of Fire

    PoF, because it has the prettier maps, more excitement, and the better story.

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  • Path of Fire

    map design - PoF
    Mechanics Design - PoF
    Specializations - tie
    Event design - HoT

  • Path of Fire

    PoF actually entices me to explore and replay maps for fun. HoT maps I despise with a passion and only deal with them either to help friends or to hp grind. I still have no incentive to go out and complete all the HoT masteries because they're too time consuming, not fun enough and I hate everything about the balance of those maps, they were not balanced well in the slightest. PoF gives me a good challenge without it feeling like I can only succeed with an army of players. The best balancing for open world, story content and level design in the entire game, hands down.

    Being a veteran allows signatures apparently.

  • Ihrga.8325Ihrga.8325 Member ✭✭
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    Both suck, but in a different ways!

    HoT seems overcrowded with stuff and really messed up what concerns logistics. I haven't even bother to explore it after I meet a grind wall. =)))

    PoF seems empty and grindy and artificially gated in content. Also childish with all those kawai mounts-rabbits and stuff. And really poorly designed in it's new PVE environment.

    In general both are a really surprising to see as additin to original GW2. Smth like a poor attempt to show everyone how Anet can create challenging content for... near to zero reward after it. Also lack and a huge one of intuitive understanding of kitten should I do etc. etc. I really bought them as a shop item for gliding and mounts. There is a huge + for HoT for my fav spec - Daredevil and huge - for PoF for poorly made Deadeye. Seems like they spend more time discussing the naming of classes then class itself. =) And I rarely visit those locks (from time to time) and leave them fast - it really hurts to see for all ruined potentional and resources. =) IMHO

  • reddie.5861reddie.5861 Member ✭✭✭

    long time ago when u could spec into every trait just a few points that expansion was the best.

  • Theocraft.6053Theocraft.6053 Member ✭✭✭
    Path of Fire

    Both are very good, but for most players HoT was very unfriendly at the beginning. PoF had much better approach (raptor for free, cunning tutorial for it, less tangled maps).

    But, apart from TD, maps and atmosphere of HoT is great.

  • Myrdreth.6829Myrdreth.6829 Member ✭✭✭

    @Hanakocz.5697 said:
    There should be "Both were awesome"

    Yep. I like them both.

  • Abakk.9176Abakk.9176 Member ✭✭✭

    In most MMORPG's that i play i always tend to linger in the 'Vanilla' part of the game. Vanilla is where the gamemakers poured all their initial visions and enthousiasm into and it always shines through. It combines perfectly with my weird urge to make new characters and delete them at around lvl 30-40 :)

    What i like about both of OP's choices is the landscaping and atmosphere.

    If i had to choose though i would go for the Desert, as i didn't get lost there right away :)

  • CptAurellian.9537CptAurellian.9537 Member ✭✭✭✭

    The options "Both of them are great/bad" are missing. Personally, it's a bit of a draw for me, at least at the moment. HoT has better elite specs and map metas, while PoF easily wins map design (ok, winning against something like TD isn't difficult) and a bunch of small things. Will see whether PoF maps have good replayability in the long term, I'm not yet sure about that.

    Praise delta!

  • Jong.5937Jong.5937 Member ✭✭
    edited October 1, 2017

    Impossible for me to say. Loved both.

    Never really understood the hate for the HoT maps, even at their roughest, earliest incarnation. The HoT metas (even the first stage 'events') are still huge fun - I ran each one 3 times in the two weeks before PoF after several months break and they were a blast. HoT also brought some interesting new stats (not sure if any of the new stats will replace them), a new class and a lot of UI/Infrastructure changes that were really positive.

    On the other hand, mounts are great and the joy of exploration is definitely back with PoF. The maps are more 'approachable'. And the quality of writing, storytelling (both in the main story and the open world) and characterisation is fantastic in PoF - head and shoulders above most other stuff in the rest of GW2, indeed most other games, period! It's the first time I've really felt engaged with the story, rather than it being a mere tool to link combat challenges. First rate stuff!

  • Aoi.8570Aoi.8570 Member ✭✭
    Path of Fire

    To be honest I made this poll but I can't decide which one to choose. I love how complicated HoT maps were, I haven't finished Dragon's Stand yet, but I think whole gliding is useless now since we have griffons. Although I don't agree with most of you about meta events, because I didn't like them. They were fun if you did them for the first time, but for me even after 2 times I was annoyed because e.g. I couldn't explore Verdant Brink, I had to wait for meta event end.

    It's a match for me, but I definitely prefer PoF's story.

  • No option for Vanilla?
    The expansions brought blistering difficulty to the game.
    I've been unable to enjoy GW2 since the first expansion.

    This one is no different...

    • uncertain objectives
    • unclear requirements to reach locations so never sure if you're banging your head against a wall or not
    • crazy hard story instances (via adding too many enemies, not via complicated tactics)
    • unnecessarily tough mastery points (such as that flipping chef) that are required to progress (though you're never quite sure if they are) in order to gain mounts in PoF or abilities in HoT
    • All the while you're being battered mercilessly by enemies who are a mark up from the standard thoroughfare and teased by other players who seem to have no trouble whatsoever.

    I've wasted £80+ on expansions for this game.
    You wont see another penny. I've learned my lesson.

  • zoomborg.9462zoomborg.9462 Member ✭✭✭
    edited October 1, 2017
    Heart of Thorns

    I really loved PoF, the problem for me is i'm not going back to those maps cause there's zero reason. Got maxed masteries, achievements, griffon, unlocked my specs......thats a week's play pretty much. HoT had way more replayability, PoF is basically as someone said core Tyria 2.0. Too ez enemies, too ez to navigate, to explore, to get HP's,to get mastery points, everything in it is too easy which inevitably leads to boring.

  • Path of Fire

    PoF by a desert mile. I love the gliding in HoT but the frustration in the maps (I see where I need to go but can't get there) basically caused me to give up the game for most of a year. I am NOT sorry I bought HoT because of the gliding, the elite specializations, and many other features, but those multi-level maps where you die and die and die some more were the pits for me.

  • Heart of Thorns

    HoT by far. PoF maps are boring after you are done exploring them, hearts are terribly annoying and unrewarding, bounties are just zerg fests with crappy rewards. The HoT map metas were much better.

  • Zoltreez.6435Zoltreez.6435 Member ✭✭✭
    edited October 1, 2017
    Path of Fire

    Pof All the way...

    that giant PoS maguuma jungle should burn down...... still having nightmares from those kitten badly designed zones....

  • Disig.7169Disig.7169 Member ✭✭

    I can't pick. Not yet. I love them both at the moment for different reasons. I feel like more time needs to be spent with PoF out before a real decision can be made.

  • I can't really choose - I like them both for very different reasons. I enjoy the HoT map metas and how urgent it felt but I also the exploration and sense of scale PoF has and how much more polished it is in general.

  • zeldara.4127zeldara.4127 Member
    edited October 1, 2017
    Path of Fire

    PoF. For the simple reason this is way better suited to have fun with for a woman in my situation then HoT. My situation being a working mom of a pretty intensive preschooler (bit under 3 years). HoT sure had it's good things for me, but PoF wins easily (though i love Reaper and Gliding, can;t imagine gw2 without it anymore).

    HoT is on a timer a lot, hard to navigate, takes ages to get somewhere if you are not very good at remembering the right paths (my spacial awareness is awefull, lets say i am glad i don't get lost in my backyard ;) ), When I finally get somewhere or close to somewhere I fell off of something or got chewed on by a big angry mob of veterans in the only passable place, and I could start all over again. Not helped by the fact I am an ok, but not good player (HoT mobs in the often narrow unforgiving HoT enviroments give me problems. I don't die that often but it takes forever.) HoT often needs you to commit larger amounts of time to even get something done or reap the rewards for your work (changes to the map/meta reward payout system helped a lot though). Time which I don't have often. And when most of time is spend trying to get somewhere instead of being there it gets frustrating if playtime is limited/unsure. It also makes group content way harder for me. Not because i don't like grouping up, but because I don't want to inconvenience people being pretty unreliable due to real life commitments/planning insecurities (and getting a group together also takes precious time, sometimes to much). My attention is always divided, even if the little one is in bed. And HoT is way more group oriented, often demanding groups. That's not bad in itself, and when I was still at school and had plenty of time to fully devote to a game I am sure I would have liked it a lot more.

    PoF is way friendlier for me this way and the opposite off all the above. I can play in short burst. play where I want to play. And I can take a break pretty much anytime without being a bother to others, and without having to start over because i am dead as a doornail on return, even if away for only 10 second. I can relax playing and have fun, little to no frustration. The difficulty is just right for me (feels somewhere between core (to easy) and HoT (ok in half the places and to hard to enjoy fully in the rest). The only things I now have to plan for are the story quests as they often take a fair amount of uninterrupted time and attention. And that is totally fine.

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