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Home Instances need some KonMari Method love

This didn't bother me so much for a long while, but now that I'm nearing having all of the home instance nodes (just the treasure chest left to finish) I have to wonder what the person who laid them out was thinking? The home instances are in serious need of some home organization for all of our sanity.

The only home instance that is sort of decently organized is The Grove, but even then you have the Primordial Orchid node off there by itself and the random bandit chest spawn on the roof (!), as well as the wintersday tree up there on the opposite side. Divinity's Reach is a hot mess - you can see a few areas that sort of make aesthetic sense but then stuff is just placed randomly in corners, behind npcs, back in the alleys, all over. I rarely have reason to bother with the other ones, but I've tested them and they basically have the same issue - too much hide-and-seek to gather everything. It's especially a problem if you need to do any glyph swapping (e.g. Industry), since you ideally want to minimize the number of swaps and have all the same type of nodes together.

Even without that, what is the point of making an already-tedious daily chore even worse by randomizing locations of some things and spreading them out so that you have to spend a lot of time running around and swapping? Just line them up in organized and convenient clumps so we can get them gathered and move on quickly. It's not like it would ruin the aesthetics - most of the layouts don't make any sense as it is.


  • While I wholeheartedly agree that the layout of the home instance nodes needs serious organization, I have to respectfully disagree about the Grove! I get lost in that instance every time! I farm Hoelbrak almost exclusively because while it is a lot more space to run across the nodes are less chaotic to find.

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    I didn't like The Grove at first either, but if you do it every day you get a feel for it and a pattern that makes sense. The biggest advantage there is that (for the most part) each type of node is basically clustered together with only a few outliers - trees are at the start, ore in the middle and the top right, and plants up there as well. Once you train a path it's the best of them all time-wise, but again, why should you have to path out a crazy loop between various rooms, up the ramps, on the roof, through hidden shortcuts, etc. It's a daily chore, not a fantastic adventure - help us do it smoothly, and don't make it so wildly different in different racial cities.

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    I created a Sylvari as my previous most recent storage / daily gather specifically to get used to the Grove because in 6 years I avoided it like the plague. It lasted about 2 months before I tomed her up and stuck her in VB to flax farm. The Grove isn't bad once you get the hang of the route (based on what you have), but I'd still choose Rata Sum instead if Maguuma is the daily.

    In terms of ease imo, I'd rank BC or Rata first (too close to call), followed by Hoelbreck, with DR and The Grove last.

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  • Odd, I am sure I posted in this thread a day or so ago. Is this a repeat thread?
    I prefer the Grove, myself.

  • Ahh, of course. Thanks.

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