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[NA][PvE] Looking for Guild

I've been playing 5 years Guild Wars 2 since I saw trailer is interesting. I am friendly and very patience.

A little more about me:

I have been raiding since HoT came out. I have all builds geared and up to date. I can play main druid, Renegade, DH/FB. I can do W1-4(with Soulless Horror) boss mechanics (Cannons , Pushing and Kiting but not Handkite.) I'm also building into Diviner's Chrono and Handkite which will be ready soon.

I am looking for a guild in NA with groups of member that do Dungeons, Fractals and Raids around 10pm (+8 GMT).

You can reply to this message or Message me in game DeafMichael.9024

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