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[Suggestion] Zephyrite Aspect mount skins

I had an idea for anti-mount skins where instead of mounts the characters get the mount abilities directly channeled via the Zephyrite aspect crystals. When you use the action mount for a given mount your character goes into a aspect mode but with the base speed of that mount.

Raptor = Aspect of Lighting
Springer = Aspect of Wind
Roller Beetle = Aspect of Sun

New aspect crystals could be introduced via lore related to Aurene.

Skimmer = Aspect of Waves (move like a travel toy surf board)
Griffon = Aspect of Wings (like glider but with griffon abilities)
Jackal = Aspect of Sands

This suggestion would likely require a slight rework of the mount system to avoid that occasional flash back to the default mount skin but it could offer a performance advantage to lower powered computers.


  • lokh.2695lokh.2695 Member ✭✭✭✭

    I'd rather have a bunlde/novelty that gives you the aspects.

    If you want X, and Y is needed to get get X, you also have to want Y if you really want X. If you don't want Y, you don't want X. It's easy.
    Pro: Build Templates, Dungeon Rework, UW content
    Contra: New Races, New Classes, New Weapons, Capes

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