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[GOTD] is hosting a new event tonight! Walking Death event EU-SERVER

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Tonight [GOTD] wil host a new run Tonight @ 19:50 CET! The Walking Dead Run! We are going to kill all kind of risen and awakened enemies! Starting with tequatl!

Are you gonna help us to get rid of the walking undead? They dwell around Tyria and Elona. Join us on 19:50 CET for some fun and some spooky Saturday night Goosebumps!

event list:

Death-Branded Shatterer @ [&BHwLAAA=] ★ Rare loot: Crystal Infusion (Condi: +10000g, Boons: +6000.02g, Power: +1665.03g)

[Bounty] Legendary Zehlon Ossa @ [&BGcKAAA=] ★ Rare loot: [&AgGDRQEA] (1683g)

The Deadhouse @ [&BCgKAAA=] ★ Rare loot: [&AgEKQgEA] (9.36g)

[Bounty] Legendary Awakened Hoarder @ [&BNwKAAA=] ★ Rare loot: [&AgHpRgEA] (7999g)

Tequatl @ [&BNABAAA=] ★ Rare loot: Tequatl's Hoard

Temple of Melandru @ [&BBsDAAA=] ★ Rare loot: Melandru's Bloom (11g), [&Cm0SAAA=] (3g)

Temple of Grenth @ [&BCIDAAA=] ★ Rare loot: Signet of Grenth (23.99g)

Rotbeard @ [&BOQGAAA=] ★ Rare loot: [&AgEvmgAA] (150g)

Priest of Arah @ [&BCADAAA=] ★ Rare loot: [&AgEvmgAA] (150g)

Temple of Dwayna @ [&BLICAAA=] ★ Rare loot: [&AgE3mgAA] (105g), [&AgE0mgAA] (97.97g)

Temple of Lyssa @ [&BKwCAAA=] ★ Rare loot: [&AgGEtQAA] (431g)

Temple of Balthazar @ [&BNIEAAA=] ★ Rare loot: Balthazar's Band (73g)

Eye of Zhaitan:
Eye of Zhaitan @ [&BPgCAAA=] ★ Rare loot: Pendant of Arah (449.98g), Circle of Arah (8.11g)

Wandering Spirits vs Ghost Eaters @ [&BMEKAAA=] ★ Rare loot: [&AgFtRwEA] (12g)

[Bounty] Champion Awakened Occultist @ [&BGsKAAA=] ★ Rare loot: [&AgFRSQEA][&AgEqSgEA] for Silence of a Thousand Years collection

[Bounty] Champion Awakened St[email protected] [&BCgKAAA=] ★ Rare loot: [&AgFRSQEA]

[Bounty] Champion Awakened [email protected] [&BNwKAAA=] ★ Rare loot: [&AgFRSQEA]

[Bounty] Champion the [email protected] [&BAsKAAA=]★ Rare loot: [&AgFRSQEA]

[Bounty] Champion Awakened [email protected] [&BA8KAAA=] ★ Rare loot: [&AgFRSQEA]

[Bounty]Nepheretes @ [&BCULAAA=] ★ Rare loot: [&AgFRSQEA]

[Bounty] Legendary Seneb the Desecrated [&BCULAAA=] ★ Rare loot:[&AgGfVAEA](only drops if the Lasting Bonds: What Comes Next collection is active)

[Bounty] Legendary Troopmarshal Olori Ogun @ [&BFcLAAA=] ★ Rare loot: [&AgFRSQEA]

hope to see you there greetzzzz Mystrious poetjuh

Join us on ts.gotd.nl!
or watch the live twitch stream!