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[Suggestion] Can you make Second Skin an AoE buff?

Is it possible to have Second Skin converted into a sharing buff like Spotter and Vampiric Aura?


  • Second Skin is meant to enhance the boon on the player having the trait - in technical terms I think it would be a little challenging to even make it work as some sort of 'sharing buff'

    • Would it apply to protection granted by the player? If so, it'd be limited to Moa Stance and some Runes, as most of the ranger skills that apply protection are on the player only (not counting pet)
    • If it procs from protection granted by the player, how would it work with other sources of protection? would it be overwritten? Say a guardian then applies Protection to allies, would it still keep the Second Skin effect?
    • Or perhaps you mean to apply some sort of sharing buff that detects when the soulbeast is in proximity to anyone with protection? If so, would the second skin effect be lost immediately when the soulbeast is out of range?

    There are multiple conditions and factors to take into account in your request - while it would be interesting and add another layer of group utility, I think keeping it a selfish trait is fine - although I wouldn't argue on the fact that while the trait itself is interesting, it sounds more like a minor trait than a major trait.

    Marcus Forrest - Celestial Soulbeast - Darkhaven

    Soulbeast Feedback >> Dagger Skills / Beast Abilities / Stance Skills

  • Ye, the idea was meant to be the last on your list.
    I don't imagine it would be too difficult to implement either.

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