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How to optimize my "non-optimal" PvE build?

Hey all hoping to get a hand with my 3rd warrior. He has always been my PvP guy, but as I have recently returned and purchased HoT and PoF, I want to get him through the Open world as well.

Now I know Open World is often considered easy enough that build doesn't really matter, however, I would still like to make him as "optimal" as possible, while staying in his theme/niche (as I already have 2 other more Meta Warriors).

He has always used Main Hammer, with Mace and shield backup. I'd like to keep him that way, though could handle swapping shield for mace if needed, or even backup rifle. Zerker gear seems the obvious route.

Skills I like him with his "physical theme" of Mending, Stomp, Bulls charge and Signet of Might, with Signet of rage. Other suggestions are appreciated if something NEEDS to be different.

Finally, Specializations. This is where I really need help. I don't know enough about the elite specs to even know if I should use either yet.
This is what I have so far;
Strength: Peak Performance, Body Blow, then Merciless Hammer or Berserkers Power?
Defense: Cull the weak, Sundering Mace I guess?, then Cleansing Ire.
Discipline: Warriors Sprint, Brawlers Rec, then any I guess, they all seem equal to me?

Hope all you wise Warriors can help me. I like to branch out with builds, but the finer points are still beyond me.

Thanks all.


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