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abadon statues in siren's landing are using the post-fall image?

while i was running around in Siren's landing, i noticed how all the statues of abaddona re him having the mask with 6 eyes. but isnt that 6-eyed look from after his fall?

Based in the image of "Doric's Plea" wich shows 3 gods in the image, 1 female, 2 males, the female i expect is Dwayna because she is the leader, but with the jewelry it could be Lyssa, the male in the back looks like Grenth and the other male doesnt look like Balthazar at all, so i always expected that to be Abaddon (pre-fall) with anormal face.

(gives a sidepoint that the facestructures on the Ring of Fire are maybe abaddon's faces)

So why do the statues in Siren's Landing have the masked statue of Abaddon? is this a case of lazy worldbuilding and just reuse the only statue they have of Abaddon?
or is there a reason his statues are not depicted a handsome man with sea-blue wings and beautiful eyes?


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    Makes me wonder why Dwayna and Abaddon had wings and the others didn't. And why they can't reuse those Abaddon statues to make guild hall decorations...

  • He had the mask pre-fall too. We can see it in the Ruins of Morah mission in GW1, where we also see his gauntlet/glove (similar to what's worn on the statues) and his sword (has a snake around its handle). Post-fall, he had that insectoid look where his face was the six eyes, and he wore a crown/diadem instead of a mask. The original design of this particular statue comes from his Orrian temple, which would be made by Malchor, long before his fall from grace and his defeat on the Crystal Sea shoreline.

    I always took the concept art of Doric before three gods as being Dwayna, Melandru, and Balthazar, personally. While the rightmost figure has no defining female features, it just seemed more likely to me. The three gods don't "look" like any god in particular, but it's also not meant to be an accurate representation. That said, none are likely to be depicting Abaddon since it was made before Abaddon technically existed in the lore. Though they could easily retcon him as one of the two right figures. Even if they did, that appearance wouldn't be their canon appearance.

    The faces in the Ring of Fire aren't any particular individual, but rock that solidified in warped ways by the Realm of Torment energies. We see similar twisted rock formations at the Mouth of Torment in GW2 (not sure if in GW1 off the top of my head), but these look more worm-like.

    @cptaylor.2670 said:
    Makes me wonder why Dwayna and Abaddon had wings and the others didn't. And why they can't reuse those Abaddon statues to make guild hall decorations...

    Melandru has wings in her GW1 statue, and there's a stain glass mural of Grenth with wings. Always suggested to me that Dwayna and Melandru either come from the same race (same as harpies perhaps?) or that they may be of the "original gods" given the Hall of Heroes has a bunch of statues of ambiguous winged female humanoids.

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    @Konig Des Todes.2086

    Maybe Largos could be to Abaddon what Harpies could be to Dwayna? In that originally they may have been the same species but have been warped over time. Harpies remaining in the domain of air and Largos remaining in the depths?

    We do see some blue-skinned harpies in POF if I'm not mistaken. Which is interesting because I don't think there were any before. They all looked brown/greyish in vanilla didn't they?

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    The only human gods that are native to Tyria are Grenth and Kormir. All the others, including Abaddon, came from Somewhere Else, where aesthetics and/or biology (such as "biology" applies to deities anyway) may have been different.

    As for wings: in the real world, deities and their agents have been depicted with wings in many cultures throughout history. It's a common mythological motif among real humans, so I wouldn't make too much of it in game. Especially not making crazy leaps about Grenth being a harpy or other stuff like that.

    Quite frankly, ANet has never given us a properly clear picture of human mythology in the game, and I don't think they even have the blanks filled in for themselves, much less for public consumption. It's a kitten shame really.

  • i always get the impression from that image that the right figure is abaddon and he looks a but dissatisfied there, maybe because doric is pleaing for the magic to be taken away that abaddon has so freely been handling out, and this maybe could been the start of his fall from grace, the mask came later

  • As I said, the mask was well before his fall from grace. The statue in the Temple of Abaddon story step - the same design seen everywhere else - would be from before that moment, given his temple sank with his rebellion. Everything in there is pre-fall Abaddon.

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    And to be fair, from what we know about Abaddon's teachings, he had always had a vaguely sinister side to him. Much like Grenth, it's not surprising if his statues were imposing, even intimidating, well before his actual rebellion.

    (Also to be fair, that same section of the Prophecies manual depicts the Forgotten as having wings and no arms. It's not like the art there is supposed to be accurate in the details.)

    EDIT: It's been a while, but didn't the translated account of Abaddon's fall suggest that he didn't learn about what the other gods were doing with the Bloodstone until after they'd done it? If so, it'd make more sense if he missed the meetings with Doric.

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