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windows install of gw2 32bit error, can you help?

hello this problem i have is a weird one cause it used to work some years ago.. when i install gw2, i only get the 64 bit Version installed, though i downloaded the 32bit installer.. please can someone provide a safe 32bit installer or rather the gw2 exe game file so i can load gw2 in 32bit. the reason is some sort of an Experiment, since my gw2-64.exe crashes alot. i just purchased a New pc, & it still disconnects.. (alot)


  • i use Windows 10 pro now, earlier installs was on a win8 pro both laptops

  • The installer looks to see if you have a 64-bit OS, and then only installs the 64-bit version of GW2. The 32-bit version is not supported.
    I don't know how to download the 32-bit, unless it's changing the download file to GW2-32.exe (or whatever the file name is with the addition of -32).

    Good luck.

  • maybe i need to swap isp, if i cannot get the 32bit file

  • I don't think your ISP has anything to do with it.

  • Healix.5819Healix.5819 Member ✭✭✭✭

    Gw2Setup.exe is just Gw2.exe, so you can simply rename it and use the -32 option with it. Alternatively, here's the current build of Gw2.exe (2108938) direct from the patch server.

    Note that running the 32-bit version of GW2 on a 64-bit OS will automatically switch to the 64-bit version. The -32 option is what prevents that, so you have to:
    Gw2.exe -32

  • I think the Healix means use the -32 command line argument (you can look up 'command line argument' in the Wiki, if you are not familiar), once you download the client.
    Do be aware, the 32-bit client often crashes in maps post-HoT.

    Good luck.

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