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Lion's Plaza - Community Hub

Lion’s Plaza is gathering place where Guild Wars 2 player from around the world can chat, share experiences and information, and help organize events. It is a great place if you are looking for assistance and guidance from fellow Guild Wars 2 players.
The Plaza has players from both EU and NA, Streamers, Communities and Guilds that are engaging and helping to make Lion’s Plaza into a main Guild Wars 2 hub for all players.
As a one stop platform out of game our partners post their weekly events. We also have fun games running including such games as Hide and Seek.
We hope to grow and partner up with more incredible people to make us one of the go to places outside Guild Wars 2.

Those currently partnered with Lion's Plaza are:
Streamers: The Krytan Herald, AyinMaiden, Rejja on Air, FusedFlameJr, Rheyo, xalita
Events are posted daily

Please note we are a hub hosted on Discord.

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