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random disconnects on mostly pvp maps

xiao.2614xiao.2614 Member ✭✭
edited February 7, 2019 in Account & Technical Support

so every 2-3 days random pvp map (mostly, sometimes its other instances like 1 in jahai bluff or training raid are) cant be loaded (right now its coliseum), i lost kitten ton of rating because of this and its staerting to get very annoying
error is 5 11 3 159 101
Before you ask me ill just say right now
i used to do everything recomended to solve this problem and gw2 tips and google didnt help at all
i did repairs ai have ports available i checked internet provider i checked other mmos and online games
it only happens in gw2 sadly
so right now i got another dishonor and minus rating and writing this post while my team i guess afking witing match to end
not funny at all
and i saw sometimes there is 1 person cant loaded at start too and we playing 4v5 either side
it dc me at loading map screen and i need wait like 6-12 hours so then map work again

pls if anyone had such problem and got solution write here i really need it
and pls dont advice some basic solvings becaseu i guess i tried all of them


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