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The origins of the word Mursaat

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Hello everyone. Back in May of 2018 in his answer here, Isaiah made a comment regarding what the origins of that race's naming in Guild Wars 1 might have been. However, I'd like to request another confirmation from a designer or writer who was also working on the development of the game 15 years back that the presented explanation of how the original naming of the race became devised is the way it rooted firmly. Would simply like to be certain that the provided fact wasn't an in-house joke brought in by the designers at a much later stage, when they were expanding the associated race's lore. Thanks for clarifying this for us. :)


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    The word Mursaat has a couple fun anagrams, one being Rata Sum and the other (more important one) being Mustaar, which is supposedly a Hebrew word meaning "hidden".

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    i just found out that an anagram for that word is my surname.

    Your Math Tèacher [MATH]
    Digital Headhuntaz [aBrA]

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    Design Director Isaiah Cartwright isn't a strong enough source?

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    @Trise.2865 said:
    Design Director Isaiah Cartwright isn't a strong enough source?

    Explanations have expiration dates apparently.

  • If you won't take Cartwright's word for it, then whose word would you take? How many people were around 15 years ago remember the exact conversations about this part of lore?

    Do you object to the whimsy? To either of the words that he mushed up?

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