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Kralk's Vision And Slayer? (Spoiler Alert)

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I heard from another player that it's never specified who really is going to be the slayer of Kralk, or how Kralk even will get killed. That brought me back to Palawa Joko's last speech to the Commander where he says "that I may save this world, from you," (Commander). I have a small gut feeling that Joko was really predicting the future, and that he wasn't bluffing to the Commander at all. There is a small chance that Aurene eating Joko, then being branded, will cause the Commander to eventually unbrand Aurene, but accidently release Joko in a spectral or physical form. Joko then somehow would challenge Kralk killing or nearly killing him, therefore making Joko's words from his speech become true. If this does happen some people such as the Awakened and more might choose to hail Joko as a hero, and lose faith in the Commander, the Pact, and Dragon's Watch. What would happen next is anyone's guess. I know this is a longshot guess, but you never know.


  • Technically, Glint's wording of Kralkatorrik's vision doesn't even indicate that Kralkatorrik will die. Just that it will be a world without him.

    That said, Joko killing Kralkatorrik holds no real benefit from a narrative perspective, and would be one hell of a massive asspull (besides, nothing indicates Aurene ate Joko's soul, just unbound his magic and chowed down on some rotten liver and onion). Besides, as powerful as Joko was, he wasn't powerful at all. He just had a particular form of magic that bound his body and soul together to prevent death - like Khilbron did. Without it, Joko's not very special. So there's no reason to realistically think Joko could take on an Elder Dragon if the Commander cannot.

  • I just figured Aurene was in Kralk's head now, like we were in Mordy. Now she gets a big boy's body with all her previous skills. I'm sure we'd have to help in some way, like maybe getting the full cooperation of the Blood Legion for yet another army to feed the ED Hamburger Hill machine.

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    I actually heard the Blood Legion's imperator didn't want to sign the peace treaty with the humans, but had to. I would say there is a 50/50 chance of the Charr going back to war with humanity.

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    it's a possible future, not a definitive future

    and as far as what's given to us, we dont know whether Kalk, Glint, and Aurene sees identical visions, or do they see the visions independently from each other

    if they do see identical visions, they will obviously try to drive the directions of the future events

    if they do not see identical visions, then the visions may not be taking all of the possible actions by other parties into account; say if Kalk took an action not in any of Aurene's visions, then Aurene will need to revise her visions

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