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LFG on Ebay (PvE for now--I'm new) casual, Central Time

I play on weekends and some weekday nights. I'm new. Adult with a real job. This is the only MMO I've played other than Kingdom of Loathing, back in the day.
If you've got members that get too drunk on microbrews on a random Wednesday, I think I'll fit in. Weirdos preferred. I saw some discussions that said it's more fun to be a part of a growing guild than one that already has everything, so maybe I'm looking for a guild that I can help build? Oh, I'm not sure about voice chat right now, as my girlfriend and I play in the same room and that seems annoying. Any questions, just ask.


  • StrawHat.2639StrawHat.2639 Member ✭✭✭

    Try Paradise [Para] on Ebay bro, pvx guild.

    When you get into WvW frenzy give me a call then!

    Lost last glimmer of enthusiasm for WvW

    Anet dragon has finally defeated the
    **WvW WarBorn **
    He's over 7000!
    Havok lover with a sprinkle of Zerging

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