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These tournaments are a joke with single elimination. ToL, the 2v2 tournament, and many monthlies have had complete blow outs as the tournament progresses because all of the good teams just knock each other out and whatever random team gets lucky enough to be in the other bracket gets a free ride to quarter-finals, semi-finals, or even finals without facing anyone good, then once they do it is a 500-0 match.


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    I agree, I really don't get why they felt the need to stress out ToL before balance patch/swiss no matter if swiss is delayed it makes no sense

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    Besides first place, everything else is just a lottery.

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    When it's ready. In June.

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    @Eurantien.4632 said:
    Besides first place, everything else is just a lottery.

    It's been a long time im saying it, probably even did few days after AT's were released.
    What i'm not getting at all is that GW1 had these kind of formats, and it seemed to worked really well. I can understand the issue might be that tournaments could last really long, but it also could develop competitivity and make people team later with people they had tournaments wins with.

  • ToL wasn't even that long, about 2h30m.

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    agree and I dislike the QP being a source of how easy you may get into the monthly and other tournaments.

    At least that's what i been told by many others over the year, I usually just get 100-200 QP for the month but someone else would have 1000+ lol.

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    Soon™ ....

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