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Does ArenaNet intend to fix the current issues with instrument functionality?

I think many people are frustrated with the lack of response on this issue, and would appreciate a more definitive answer to this question.

As this issue has been around for over two months now - with the first report of the issue and it's associated dev. response having been quite a while ago(and without any mention of instrument functionality issues in the 'Known Issues' section of this forum) - I will take any further non-response/non-acknowledgement as a representation that ArenaNet doesn't plan on resolving this issue.


  • Well we (The GW2 Music Community) keep pushing the issue their way; still awaiting a formal acknowledgement; even putting the Bug in the Known Issues Tracker in their part would be a satisfying answer in my book.

    I litterally ended up moving to another game while waiting this issue to be resolved, and it's unfortunate because I want to play more GW2, but this issue is more than an entertaining issue; so I just wait while playing others games.

    I keep monitoring the Reddit and Forums daily in hope we get something from the Devs regarding this... last post about it even on the Reddit is back in January 4th, unfortunately it feels only like I waste my time at this point.

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  • I got back from a hiatus for RL reasons and the first thing I wanted to do was play a few of my favorite tunes on the harp, maybe start progression towards The Minstrel, and I noticed immediately that things were wrong, but I assumed it was crazy lag at first. Tried relocating somewhere private and discovered it was still an issue.
    How do they think they can drop a patch that ruins the Musical Toys' potential by more than half when it cost people very real money? I can't play anything but slow songs now. My post is also not being replied to, and everything feels really scummy. If its been over two months, we definitely deserve some kind of response. I feel horrible just thinking about the people who put in the time, effort and gold to acquire any of the Legendary Instrument weapons just to have their usability completely nerfed. It's not like playing fast songs was OP. ANet always balances things around the PvP and WvW crowds so why those of us who like to sit and serenade folks in quiet off-to-the-side areas would get hit this hard and not even get any transparency about it is somewhat infuriating.
    Playing the harp on GW2 was one of my happy places, and now I feel like it's damaged and severely restricted. This definitely impacts my desire to log in every day and play, seeing as how I cannot use the item I payed real money for in any meaningful ways in the downtime between events.

  • For a personalized response, you can contact the CS Team via the 'Support' link above/below.
    It's rare for Devs to respond in this forum; and I would not expect any at this trying time.

    Good luck.

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