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FRACTALS: Too many birds instability in fractals for the past few days

Surprises and changes make fractals interesting and keep them that way. But when does it cross the line? I am not sure I represent the majority of the customer base but I am starting to get frustrated with the number of times birds are being thrown into the dailies since Slippery Slope was updated. I am sure this is not a vengeful act against the players for maybe complaining too much about slippery slope. But should something be done about the birds? I am writing this post only in consideration of player comfort within the game.

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  • It's just RNG. There are only so many instabilities and we encounter 12 every day, over six different fractals. The odds are that some days are going to be lots of birds, other days it's all slippery slope. Plus some instabs are blacklisted from certain fractals, thus increasing the odds of the others.

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  • @Gaile Gray.6029
    does anyone of ANet ppl read discussions about gamer problems with this new fractal instabilities?!
    or we should start swearing and cursing to attract attention? :D

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    I'm sorry I couldn't read these posts because I'm all out of energy and I have these birds in my face...

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    Anecdotal evidence is anecdotal, but from what I've read on the forums, Reddit, and in party, the message is strikingly similar: Birds ARE NOT FUN.

    This isn't about "hard" - hard would suggest a barrier to success. Since they were added I haven't failed to complete a single fractals because of birds. But it didn't add "challenge" to the instance it just made it less fun to do. Many have commented that they question why they continue to do fractals under these circumstances.

    The original developer post said something to the effect that the goal for the new instabilities was to promote a more positive gaming experience. With regards to Birds, I'd say that would be a failure.

  • Yeah, birds are d**ks!

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    Birds kept killing people in swamp today. Dodges get used up too much.

  • Hello everyone! So this bird instability is getting very annoying. Beside the frame rate drop I am having in fractals when the spawn, you also target them by mistake since they are so many so they aggro your kitten and also the doge thing...can we please? In T4 Siren's its a kitten nightmare since you need the doges to save your kitten from all the kitten on the platform.
    To be honest this should be completely removed. It brings nothing fun and also makes some fractals just annoying.
    I don;t know what the dev that added / came up with this idea was thinking, but it was bad and also poorly implemented.

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