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RESOLVED! Sound issues with certain things in game. RESOLVED!

Quillum.4527Quillum.4527 Member
edited February 10, 2019 in Account & Technical Support

I do not know how to delete a post, if that's possible, but the issue has now been resolved thanks to guild mates! Its good to have sound back and working properly!

As of 2/6/19, I've been using a new computer, and ever since installing the game and running it, I've noticed a certain lack of sounds that I recall being in the game. More specifically, I know there is a sound that plays when I turn on Holoforge for my Holosmith, that sound is no longer playing. Using Photon Blitz does not make any sound either. As well, I know that when mounting up, the different mounts usually make a sound, this sound is now missing as well. Another example is the Roller Beetle, I can hear its footsteps when its walking (turning from a stationary position), but it doesn't make the rumbling sound when I am moving forwards with him. These are the most obvious things I've noticed, though there may be others that I'm not aware of yet. I did go under Sound Devices and checked that they were up to date, but if someone would be able to help guide me down the right path of troubleshooting this, I'd be very appreciative!


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