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A suggestion for the next Elite Spec (in time)

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Hi guys,

I'm a mesmer main and I play condi, power and boonshare. Primarily WW. I think mesmers are a beautifully unique class and have a really nice flair with how their skills work. I've always loved mesmers since GW1 days (that clutch interrupt on a prot monk in a gvg = prime). I love the elite specs and how different they behave and what their role in wvw is. Fantastically done.

So to the meat. I was thinking about a next elite if you guys do get another expansion out. I would love to see a mesmer based on Fragility and disenchantments and the like. And weilding a big mother of god hammer. A mirror wrecking ball. Potentially to fill a role of a Power two-handed tank. The chrono boonsahre can be tanky yes. But is priamrily a support class too. I would love to see a hammer wielding mesmer smashes mirrors open in the frontline with the guardians.

The Disenchanter. Think about it fam!




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    So... you wanna play Spellbreaker. Got it.

  • As everyone else echoes in this forums I want something that changes the broken mechanics of Mesmer. Everyone seems to want a Mesmer with a major overhaul with the Shatter/Clone/Phantasm playstyle and even making it baseline. For me doing it as an Elite Spec would be the best bet for these kinds of changes. From that, there are ideas I can think of such as usage of Phantasmal Weaponry, Doppelganger esque spec (think Pontiff Sullyvhan in DS3) where you remove all Illusions for a greater Doppelganger.

    Dancer - Elite Spec Concept for Mesmer

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    I still think they should do my Siren idea. A build that focuses on clones and phantasms who attract players from the mesmer. You can find the idea in the elite spec competition thread. Probably on some long gone thread in an unknown page. I'll pull it up and link it.
    https://forum-en.guildwars2.com/forum/professions/mesmer/Closed-Design-your-elite-spec-contest It's the first It's a few posts down from the top. There are other interesting spec ideas in the thread too. Check 'em out! :)

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