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A question about guild favor...

Scenario: I'm in two guilds - ABC and XYZ. Guild ABC is running guild missions, but I want favor for XYZ.

Can I run missions with ABC, but rep XYZ, and get favor for XYZ? Or do I have to rep the guild running the missions to get credit?

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  • Taelac.7036Taelac.7036 Member ✭✭✭

    Sometimes. You won't be able to run something like the Trek with one guild while repping another, but you can do that with Bounties and Races, if both guilds draw the same ones. That's a bit of a dice roll. It's also possible to solo the easy Trek and some of the single-target Bounties as well as piggybacking on a Race, if you're trying to build up a personal bank guild or something.

    Good luck, have fun.

  • But that's running simultaneous missions, and I know that will work (if, like you said, they happen to draw the same mission). I'm referring to (and wasn't clear) starting with one guild, and being repped with them to get the mission, but then switching reps and finishing the bounty/trek/race/ with another guild.

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  • TarkaTarquol.4856TarkaTarquol.4856 Member ✭✭✭
    edited February 13, 2019

    So, few things. To start, you'd have to have the required permissions yourself to launch guild Missions in guild XYZ. If you do, then yes, for some missions, you could double up and get your participation for guild XYZ while playing with ABC. This is easiest to do for Bounties and Races. However, note that you MUST have rolled the same missions in ABC and XYZ for it to count. A Medium Bounty in ABC may have you going after Bounty A and B, while XYZ may have you go after B and C. If you just kill A and B, your XYZ mission is still missing Bounty C, so you'd have to convince your guild to go after a bounty they don't need to fight to assist you. Races as well, simple if they're the same race, not possible if not. If they're the same race, then just activate it, and once 15 players cross the line, it doesn't matter what guild they're in - the event completed. At that point you can finish the race for guild XYZ and claim credit for it.

    Treks are, unfortunately, not possible to share between Guilds. They are randomly generated the moment the mission launches, and even if you did hit the very low chance for an easy trek to have all 5 locations the same, the other guild members are not hitting the locations for XYZ. They're hitting it for ABC. XYZ would never get credit for anything ABC does.

    As for Challenges, yes. These should work as well. I had to gather this info from the wiki, but it should still be true:
    "Guild Puzzle (instanced), Start the mission when outside the instance. Represent the guild you wish to receive credit. Enter the instance of the other Guild. You will receive both personal and guild credit after the mission is successfully completed."

    EDIT: Blight it all, I didn't read your second post clearly enough. The scenario you are thinking of does not exist. That answer is a definite "No." Simply representing XYZ while doing a mission for ABC will not magically complete XYZ's mission. The Guild Mission panel changes its contents based on what guild you're representing, and XYZ's Medium Race would still be listed as not activated even though ABC just activated theirs. They are two different guilds with different Guild Mission panels.

  • Thanks for the info. I suspected as much, but wanted to be sure.

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  • Khisanth.2948Khisanth.2948 Member ✭✭✭✭

    For races you can get credit for every guild where you have the permissions to start the mission.

    Complete the race(also needs the 15/15 or whatever number of completions required) , talk to the NPC and select the option to give credit to your guild. Change rep to different guild, launch mission, talk to NPC, repeat with rest of your guilds.

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