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[WvW][NA] MAS Guild, 18+, non-toxic WvW-focused fight team looking for new and returning players

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Might and Smarts [MAS] is a WvW-focused guild looking for 18+ competitive players who enjoy working in a coordinated team, continuing to develop as a player, and willing to move to Anvil Rock server to join the fight.

Who we'd like to consider joining our team:

We consider applicants based on your competitiveness, experience with similar teams, willingness to work in a structured team, and motivation around developing yourself in WvW.
We invite players who are relatively new to WvW with the right commitment and prior experiences.
Veteran players returning to the game are encouraged to check us out.
While we have specific classes that we're particularly interested in, if you are looking for a team like ours, come and talk to us regardless of what class you main.

About Us

MAS is a WvW-focused guild, organized around our fight squad. But, we pay attention to the entirety of WvW play, offering our forces to defend and defeat strategic objectives. When we're not out on our fight nights, we're roaming and havocing or joining other squads. We'll be embracing all the possibilities the new mounts in WvW will bring to the the gamemode and invite you to engage with us.
The guild and team has been in existence in WvW for 6 years, moving from T1 Blackgate to other servers and links to find more variety of play, and improve our performance in the field.
We're a friendly adult community with zero tolerance for drama - a good fit for people who want to excel at competitive play but don't want to be in too edgy, or toxic of an environment.
The team, composed of veteran WvW players, as well as those beginning their WvW development, runs a set class composition, builds, and team coordination.
To improve our performance, player knowledge and progression, we offer class mentoring and training.
It's expected that you'll work to understand both your class and it's role in our composition, how to fight with the team, and develop a core understanding of WvW - both independently and with our help.

If you are friendly, competitive and committed to learning and growing as a player and team member, then look us up.


All our rally times are around CST, but we have players from all regions and outside of North America.
We currently rally on FRI, SUN, MON and TUES at 7PM CST.

To learn more, or apply:

Visit our website: https://mas4eva.enjin.com or reach out in game or via discord to either Pensadora.9478 /PRE#9350 or God.2708/ShadowPoga#3667 with your questions.

We look forward to welcoming you to the guild!

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