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In praise of Twitchy Jake

Ok, so having run a character through the level 10 human story a lot for the weekly key, I've ended up noticing/paying attention to the little details eventually. One of those things is Twitchy Jake's version of the thief Death Blossom skill. Now, nothing in the earlygoing can really kill you, even if you are minimally equipped and doing little more than autoattacking, so you may not have had a chance to appreciate how good this guy is, but I'm here to open your eyes. His version does a very long knockdown to your char. In addition, each strike of the skill causes knockdown, so if you try to block or stab through it the second or third strike will get you. The only way to avoid it is to dodge the skill... which is very hard to do. I've made kind of a game of it, and it is kitten near impossible to bait TJ into using this skill when you can dodge out of it. He never bites, he will only use it when he can land it. The only way I've been able to successfully do it is to cripple him, stay at max range, and get lucky with my dodge. If the guy did more damage he'd be a force to be reckoned with. So, kudos to whatever programmer wrote his AI, it's irritating to deal with. ><

While we're at it, what's with Uptown Johnny's skill where he stops and waves and all the enemies turn to neutral (yellow) mobs? What is that skill and what is it supposed to do? It doesn't do any damage or affect your character (like taunt), so it doesn't appear in the combat log and isn't listed in the wiki. Sometimes he gets stuck doing it too, so you can just kill him while he waves at you endlessly. Seems kinda cruel.

Speaking of stuck routines, the fight with Serentine in the jail is a little weird too. The ministry guards have a few different formation options at the start - is that based on anything or just random? Anyway, sometimes Serentine will just sit there and do nothing but threaten emotes while you murder her.

Anyone else ever noticed any little idiosyncrasies from running these instances over and over?


  • Can't say I've ever seen any of them, and I do it almost every week. Maybe it's because I'm often L20 or L30. /shrug

  • I don't understand why he insists that I tell the people that he sent me to the mists. I've met the man a hundred times at least and he's never sent me to the mists. Man, I wish he'd do what he says sometimes, totally unreliable.

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    I block him easily as a warrior.