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Least Used weapons, utilities, traits per class

I'm bringing this up because there is alot of discussion with regard to balance, well we all know that certain builds are better for different parts of the game(pvp, pve, wvw, raid, and fractal) and different play styles(dps, support, hybrid, or condition based etc...). What I'm asking is are there any class's weapons, utilities, or traits that don't fill a role in any of these formats or fill them so poorly that they are never even considered as an option. Please note I'm not saying that they need improvement I'm saying you never consider them .
For myself being as I'm most versed on the Guardian I would have to say the weapons are ok , yes they can use some improvement but are they broken to the point that are utterly worthless no. Utilities are a mixed bag some are really bad except in very niche situations and some that while I myself never use I do hear players that do use them so I would say the two standouts that are almost never used would Spirit Weapon: Shield of the Avenger and Consecration: Hallowed Ground. Traits unfortunately I have a much easier time pointing to problem issues Prefect Inscriptions is a joke for a Grand Master and this without even touching on the overall usefulness of Signets in general, Tenacious Defense again doesn't remotely measure up for a Grand Master, Pure of Voice falls into the same issue as Prefect Inscriptions, Battle Presence does anybody ever even consider this REALLY!.
Bulwark I have never thought about over the other two, Heavy Light is the opposite situation in that it should be baseline for Deflecting Shot so if want your Longbow to have more utility you have to take it, Weighty Terms and Stoic Demeanor both are incredibly lackluster with weighty terms forcing you to use you last charge and go into cool down just to get an immobilize and stoic demeanor all your getting is a Slow on those you disabled or immobilized , when you look at the other two traits available instead of taking these it isn't really even a choice.
That's my opinion, I'm interested in what others think on their own classes issues

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    No matter what profession you play, you'll always find weapons/weapon sets, utility skills and traits that are useless.

    For engineer, Orbital Command which is a grandmaster trait in Explosives is one of the most useless trait to use. Not only is it a passive Mortar Strike from the Mortar Kit which is very weak, but it also takes a long time to deal damage. Sure it has a lower cooldown than the toolbelt skill and it's unblockable, but that's fairly lackluster when compared to Shrapnel and even Minesweeper.

    As for utility skills, gadgets and turrets are the most useless skills engineer can use. Most of them serve no purpose and are incredibly niche and underwhelming. Why use the Flame Turret for burning when you can use the Flamethrower and apply burning better and faster? Why use Throw Mine for knocking back enemies and removing boons when you can use Bomb Kit to knock back enemies and apply burning, confusion, create smoke field and immobilize?

    I can go on talking about how useless these utility skills are. The majority of them are either too niche to use or too underwhelming compared to other options.

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