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Is there another Expansion in the works?



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    @Nemmar.8491 said:
    I mean, i shouldn't even bother to explain basic things to people.
    Vertical progression allows things like for example being able to get ascended gear with the living map currencies and have the end-game gear drop from the actual greastest challenge in the game. This is not "grind", it's called PROGRESSION.

    You can already get ascended gear from living map currencies, and legendary armor from raids. And if the raids are to remain challenging, why would they offer gear meant to make them less challenging?

    It populates both the outer world and the instanced world.

    It also completely kills any content that doesn't offer those gear. LS4 kills LS3. PoF raids kill HoT raids etc. Because if it's gear progression, it isn't going to stop at any point, and each new content is going to invalidate the previous one.

    Wich is what GW2 does not have and needs. At this point, to get into end-content you need to have an ascended set already

    You really don't. I did quite well initially with exotic armor and ascended trinkets from LS3 on by banner PS warrior. My healer was originally in exotics (ascalon catacombs set) and noone even commented on it.

    I know you guys are probably still here cause you don't care. But, most people do.

    Most people do care. That is why we don't have any gear progression - the reaction of people to Anet trying to introduce it by a backdoor back in 2012 was anything but small, and told the devs the community doesn't want it.

    Like for example a new player that want to come in and tank or heal for their guild. Do you know how much work they have to put in before they can?

    Yes, i do. They can be geared up in weeks, which is much faster than in any gear progression game i have ever seen.

    Exotic gear is useless. It's missing important stats like concentration.

    ...ok, so you don't even know basics of the issue you try to speak of with such "authority".
    Hint: exotic gear can, too, have concentration (and expertise) stats.

    You cannot perform your job efficiently without the proper gear. So, the player either stays in a grind for weeks to craft that gear only to no longer have rewards to look forward to, or just gives up and leaves. I honestly don't care that you refuse to see reality. It is still reality.

    I am really baffled how you refuse to see that in a gear grind game it would be the same. Only, instead of crafting/doing fractals/ls3 maps you'd be doing ls3, then ls4, then dungeons, then tier after tier of fractals, untill finally you've been geared up right for raids. And in gear grind game (unlike in gw2) you wouldn't be able to do raids in exotics, because the difference between gear tiers would be much greater.
    So in truth, gear grind game would be the same, but worse.

    The game needs to change or it will die. It's that simple. If you prefer it dies, so be it. It's your prerogative. You want to go down with the ship. Well... i want to try and save it. Thus i left different feedback. Deal with it.

    The changes you propose would kill the game even faster. So, if you want to save the game, you really need to think of something else.

    The whole point of a social game is to play with the people you want to play with, not be forced to play with the people you don't.

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