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Prophets of Oblivion [Fear]

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If you're interested in joining our guild, please mail or message Strayue.9175 in-game >.<


Hi, we're a guild with a handful of people that was only recently founded. We're really looking forward to grow our community as more and more people join our guild. We're PvX and looking to have fun, there's a couple people in our guild that's new and returning as well. We currently have a guild hall but it’s upgrades are not maxed out, although we’re working on it. We're hoping to watch our guild flourish in the future

Time Zone and Server/World
We're mostly Central Time Zone (CT) and Pacific Standard Time (PST), but members from all timezones are welcome. The more people that join, there will eventually be people from all timezones. We're in the NA Server, and for WvW stuff we’re in Ferguson’s Crossing but players from any world is welcome. We welcome all types of people from different cultures, countries, languages, and sexuality. We don't discriminate.
Who We're Looking For

Everyone is welcome to join the guild. We're looking for friendly people either new or returning to the game. We're also looking for experienced players who could guide other players in the guild as well :D Anyone is welcome to join the guild, but keep in mind that we're still looking for more people and the guild may be very quiet and with the amount of people it has as of right now.

What We Do

We're trying to build a community of cool and friendly players in our guild and want to establish a lot of friendships with each other. We mostly chill and hangout, we like to explore the game, we're casual players that like to have fun. We've also started guild missions as well and do it whenever we have time

What We Hope For The Future

We're hoping to have a thriving guild full of enthusiastic members in the future. We want to host events in our guild to make it fun on a daily basis such as games, competitions, dungeon/ fractals/raids/wvw/pvp runs, and guild missions. We hope to have independent members in the guild as well who's interested in helping to run the guild and help host events to make it more lively :D We also want to achieve all max upgrades for our guild and level it up to 69. It may take a long while soon, but with the contribution of enthusiastic and dedicated members to the guild, we can do it together for sure! :D

Final Thoughts
If you’re interested in the guild, don’t hesitate to send me mail in-game for an invite or questions. As our guild is still a bit new, like I mentioned, we do not host a lot of runs/events in-game although we’re looking for those interested in doing so, along with leadership positions



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