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I have a profession problem...

So, I'm 2000 hours into the game, mostly OW and a bit of fractals - filthy casual but got my rotation down and don't die any time there's anything more than a couple of Elites around, that kind of level. Never PVP in MMOs (other than Huttball).
I'm not normally an altaholic - I've always settled on classes in other MMOs pretty quickly and stayed with them (and they've not always been the same kind of class across games). With GW2 I've never managed to find a profession I can stick with because they're either classes whose style or theme I don't like (in any MMO) or they all seem to have some flaw that ruins them for me.

  • Elementalist: Never liked ranged mage roles so staff is a no-go, and although I played quite a bit of d/d and d/f Tempest I really never really enjoyed it. Also my character is human and oh god the light armour on humans is so awful.
  • Engineer: Barely played, but I've always disliked tech-based classes and turrets and stuff just seem really gimmicky.
  • Guardian: Sure, DH has great burst but is too simple to play. FB was fun for a while but got very boring and axxeee skillss feeeell sooo sllloooow. Also whyyyyyyyy can't mantras just start charging when you join a map?.
  • Mesmer: It's certainly .a unique class and I tried to give Mirage a good go, but the constant cloning and shattering and cloning and endless dodging to do damage feels weird. Relegated to porting people in daily JPs while I drink my morning coffee.
  • Necro: My word Reaper is boring to play. Scourge is like... grind everything to the ground... eventually. I hate pet and minion classes so that rules out half the builds.
  • Ranger: See above for pets, and just in general the play style feels.. detached?
  • Rev: Loved the heavy-armour-ninja-from-the-mists style when HoT was released but quickly saw the flaws in the energy and legend system, and it hasn't been fixed in however many years and Renegade did nothing to help so OK that one's shelved. Shame.
  • Thief: You bring nothing for anyone else at all and it's all dodging until you miss a beat and go down.
  • Warrior: Still have a lot of fun on this on and off and it's effectively my main, but I know my role is just hulk smash. Oddly, given how simple it is, I don't find it as boring as guard. SB feels like I'm playing a PVP class and using one skill from it (FC obvs), loved setting myself on fire as a Berserker but shooting a longbow at my own feet to set fire to everything with the same skill repeatedly feels really broken.

Does anyone else have this struggle? I really don't know what it is about the gripes that seem so fundamentally off-putting, and why it's only in GW that I seem to have the problem, but yet I enjoy the game overall enough to continue playing.


  • Anchoku.8142Anchoku.8142 Member ✭✭✭✭

    PvP and PvE are different. In PvP, mechanics can be interrupted, not on accident or by "unexpected" timing, but on purpose.

    Thinking you will not die after playing PvE ...

    PvE is about burst and lols.
    PvP is everything else.
    I know; over simplifying but still.

  • Yeah agreed, I just use MMOs for relaxing, FPSs and RTSs for when I want to think about it a bit more, so all my comments about professions being boring and simple or otherwise are already adjusted for expectations already :smile:

  • Psycoprophet.8107Psycoprophet.8107 Member ✭✭✭✭

    Its all personal preference really. For example after 2 yrs and a lot of hrs on guard,dh and fb I still have a blast yet in warrior after half hr I’m bored lol. Gw is pretty alt friendly mmo so u can just play what u feel like at the time.

  • Cynder.2509Cynder.2509 Member ✭✭✭

    Just do as you feel. That's maybe the only and most helpful advice. Unless you want to do group content like raids you actually need to play a certain class even if you don't want to. As for everything else: go for what you want.

    I'm Hunter, he/him
    Character infos: https://is-it-because-im-charr.tumblr.com/charactersgw2

  • ZeftheWicked.3076ZeftheWicked.3076 Member ✭✭✭✭

    I think you have a build problem not a profession problem. For example power reaper may feel simplistic and bland and minion necro even more so. But that's what you chose to play. Minions are a minor minority of necro builds and there's a world of much more involved gameplay with condition builds and defensive/support builds.

    In PvE the meta is to just go ham which leads to bland "learn rotation and forget" builds. In PvP you gotta care for your defenses because players aren't mobs, they will hunt you down like a dog if they see you bieng squishy. PvP is generally reactive, while PvE is rotation based, so there's a major difference in how the two play.